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Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War Weapon Detail: LC10

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Unlocked for free at Tier 31 in the Season Two Battle Pass, the LC10 is perfect for Operators seeking a versatile SMG. Read on for a deep dive, plus suggested loadouts.

  • Описание оружия
  • Сезон 02

Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War Weapon Detail: LC10

  • BOCW

Unlocked for free at Tier 31 in the Season Two Battle Pass, the LC10 is perfect for Operators seeking a versatile SMG. Read on for a deep dive, plus suggested loadouts.

  • Описание оружия
  • Сезон 02

As Season Two is well underway, it’s time we look ahead in the Battle Pass to Tier 31. All Operators who reach this free tier will unlock the second new weapon in the Season 2 Battle Pass: the LC10.

This versatile SMG is well-rounded and downright deadly in the right hands. Using Gunsmith, you can stay true to its balanced form, stack attachments for run and gun hip-fire play, or cater to the weapon’s strong damage range and accuracy with a mid-range masterpiece.

Here’s the LC10’s in-game description:

“Full-auto submachine gun. Well-rounded with excellent damage range and good accuracy. Moderate damage with an impressive muzzle velocity and a high fire rate.”

LC10 Overview

One of the most accurate weapons in its class paired with a high fire rate makes the LC10 equally lethal in both close-quarters combat and mid-range battles. As a well-rounded weapon, its capabilities are largely dependent on its Gunsmith configuration and the skill of the Operator using it.

Without any attachments, the LC10 can land a five-shot kill, or could eliminate enemies in just four shots if three of them are to the head. Its vertical recoil is most pronounced, kicking up through sustained fire down sights, mitigated through burst fire and a slight downward press on your aim. It’s also steady in hip-fire, letting you focus on movement and aim over recoil control.

It offers a base 34-round magazine which empties fast considering the weapon’s high fire rate. If you’re having trouble landing more than one kill per magazine, consider the 45 Round attachment, unlocked early on for an easy ammo boost as you’re first leveling the weapon.

With its balanced design and easy handling, you can confidently rely on this SMG to perform the task at hand, whether that’s rushing the enemy or holding an objective against would be attackers. As long as you keep within close-to-medium range, you’ll remain a thorn in the enemy’s side. Don’t let up.

Now let’s look at some LC10 loadout suggestions across Multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone™.

Blueprint Review and Loadout

Poison Dart

Swift and deadly, the Legendary Poison Dart LC10 Blueprint is ideal for the Operator who strikes from many angles, always on the move to keep their enemies guessing. Unlocked at Tier 100, the Poison Dart is the perfect endcap to the Season Two Battle Pass, so get slaying and climb those tiers.

Attachments include a mini reflex sight and the Steady Aim Laser for close-quarters precision, whether you’re aiming down sights or firing from the hip. Keep a low profile with the Sound Suppressor and boost your movement speed all around with the Bruiser Grip. Top it off with the incredible Vandal Speed Loader for rapid reloads with a minimal penalty to ADS time.

Now let’s make a Multiplayer focused loadout based around this incredible weapon:

Primary: Poison Dart

Secondary: Rat Hole Shotgun Blueprint (Available at Tier 76 of the Season Two Battle Pass)

Perks: Paranoia & Forward Intel, Scavenger & Quartermaster, Ghost & Spycraft

Equipment: Decoy (Tactical), Frag (Lethal)

Wildcard: Perk Greed

The focus here is on stealth, awareness, and speed. The Poison Dart’s Sound Suppressor paired with Ghost grants a low profile so that you can catch the enemy unaware, with Paranoia alerting you to threats out of view and Forward Intel providing a larger mini-map to better track the action.

Use your Decoy to misdirect enemy players and cook and throw your Frag into tight rooms before rushing in to finish the job. With Spycraft protecting you from interference and mines, you can confidently push forward without fear of running into traps, and the Vandal Speed Loader will keep your reload times to an absolute minimum. 

Scavenger and Quartermaster keep you loaded up with ammo and recharging equipment, so don’t hold back on the attack. When things get really hectic up close, you can always swap to your shotgun to end the fight in a snap.

Zombies Loadout Suggestion

Graveyard Shift

Primary: LC10

SWAT 5mw Laser Sight, Salvo 52 Round Fast Mag, 11.9” Reinforced Heavy, Infantry Compensator, Foregrip

Field Upgrade: Frost Blast

While critical in Multiplayer, your aim down sight speed isn’t nearly as important in Zombies, where the focus lies on handling a huge quantity of enemies more than the imminent threat of each one. The crux of this loadout lies in the Salvo 52 Round Fast Mag, inflicting a 25% ADS penalty in exchange for a much bigger ammo pool and +40% reload quickness. Use the similar 42 Round Speed Mag on your way to the high-level attachment.

The SWAT 5mw Laser Sight is the other big hitter here, maximizing hip-fire accuracy so that you can maintain maximum mobility while fighting, with the 11.9” Reinforced Heavy ensuring that your bullets still hurt at longer ranges. Finish off with Frost Blast as a means to escape bad situations, like getting overrun in a corner or when facing elite enemies.

Two Multiplayer Loadout Suggestions

Flash & Fire

Primary: LC10

Kobra Red Dot, 12.5” Extended, SWAT 5mw Laser Sight, 45 Round, Speed Tape

Secondary: Crimson Steel Pistol Blueprint (Available at Tier 59 of the Season Two Battle Pass)

Perks: Tactical Mask, Tracker, Ninja

Equipment: Flashbang x2 (Tactical), Molotov x2 (Lethal)

Wildcard: Danger Close

This is a great loadout for Hardpoint and Domination, using Danger Close to stock up with extra ammo and double the equipment. Your role is to breach enemy held objectives, leading with flash and fire to disorient and damage defenders as you rush in and turn the point over to your side.

Your weapon configuration caters to the LC10’s versatility with attachments that perform well in hip fire and down sights. The SWAT 5mw Laser Sight greatly boosts your hip-fire accuracy, with Speed Tape negating its penalty to ADS speed. And when you don’t have time for a primary reload, swap to the powerful Crimson Steel Blueprint and put an end to the fight.

Maximize your resistance to Flashbangs and Stun Grenades via Tactical Mask, and hunt your enemies down using Tracker. Cap off your Perk selection with Ninja for those times when a stealthy flank attack is all you need to break the enemy line. 

Scorestreak Slayer

Primary: LC10

Microflex LED, Flashguard .45 APC, 13.2” Rifled, Steady Aim Laser, Field Agent Grip, Fast Mag, Serpent Wrap, Tactical Stock

Secondary: Launcher

Perks: Engineer, Assassin, Cold Blooded

Equipment: Stun Grenade (Tactical), Semtex (Lethal)

Wildcard: Gunfighter

This LC10 configuration is all about maximizing your effective damage range and accuracy down sights. Major attachments include the Microflex LED and Flashguard .45 APC attachments for clear shooting with minimal muzzle flash, with the 13.2” Rifled barrel extending your effective damage range by 25%. Sacrifice some shooting move speed for major horizontal recoil control via the Field Agent Grip, and snap onto targets fast via the Serpent Wrap.

Boost your score and support your team as a Scorestreak slayer using your launcher to clear the skies. Spot your targets more easily with Engineer and avoid retribution via Cold Blooded. When it’s back to fighting on the ground, Assassin gives you the opportunity to further boost your score by taking out enemies on a killstreak.

Warzone Loadout Suggestion

Battle Royale Bruiser

Primary: LC10

Hawksmoor, 11.9” Reinforced Heavy, Bruiser Grip, Steady Aim Laser, 42 Round Speed Mag

Secondary: Glade Ripper LMG Blueprint (Available at Tier 21 of the Season Two Battle Pass)

Perks: Double Time, Overkill, Amped

Equipment: Smoke Grenade (Tactical), Claymore (Lethal)

Capable on either Warzone map, this loadout gives you the power to fight up-close or from afar. The LC10 is outfitted for versatility, with the Hawksmoor sight and 11.9” Reinforced Heavy performing well when firing down sights, and the Bruiser Grip and Steady Aim Laser boosting hip fire accuracy for CQB. Whatever the situation, the 42 Round Speed Mag keeps you in the fight longer between reloads.

Close distances quickly via Double Time and use Overkill to add in the Glade Ripper LMG Blueprint as your secondary, swapping the SWAT 5mw Laser Sight for an Optic of your choice for a long-range option when the LC10 won’t cut it. Pick Amped to quicken your swap speed so you can seamlessly switch to the best weapon for your current situation.

Lastly, protect your flank with the Claymore and conceal your squad’s movements using the Smoke Grenade. Whether you’re settling into a long-range battle or rushing to close-quarters action, this loadout has it all.

No matter your game mode, the LC10 is a powerful weapon for close-to-mid range fighters, its strength in its versatility. Unlocked at Tier 31 in the Season Two Battle Pass — and free for everyone — this SMG is a must have for your next deployment.

Execute the mission.

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