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Call of Duty®: Warzone™: A Guide to Nakatomi Plaza, Survival Camps, and the CIA Outpost

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Ready for blockbuster victories and epic gameplay moments? Then check out our guide to the limited time areas within Verdansk ’84, from event overviews to elite-level tips.

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Call of Duty Warzone 2.0

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배틀 패스 구매

Call of Duty®: Warzone™: A Guide to Nakatomi Plaza, Survival Camps, and the CIA Outpost

  • WZ

Ready for blockbuster victories and epic gameplay moments? Then check out our guide to the limited time areas within Verdansk ’84, from event overviews to elite-level tips.

  • 맵 정보
  • 시즌 03
Call of Duty Warzone 2.0

플랫폼을 선택하여 디지털 스토어를 열고 콜 오브 듀티®: 워존TM 의 무료 디지털 사본을 다운로드하십시오.

배틀 패스 구매

For the ‘80s Action Heroes event, Call of Duty® meets ‘80s action flicks with movie-inspired gear, limited-time modes, locations, and more. 

During this event in WarzoneTM, you can assault the infamous Nakatomi Plaza and infiltrate Survival Camps all within Verdansk, earning loadout items and other rewards during your match while uncovering some epic secrets.

Here’s what you can expect across these limited-time areas, including some tips for navigating through these hot drops and completing missions inside of them:

Survival Camps – Overview and Mission

Tighten your headband, grab your gear, and show Verdansk what it means to be the ultimate survivor as you liberate Survival Camps throughout the map and obtain exclusive goods. 

Inspired by Rambo: First Blood Part II, these Survival Camps are where you can bring some friendly soldiers back home and take home some gear for yourself through a special mission.

Your first objective is to find these Survival Camps around Verdansk. These will not be marked on your Tac Map – unless you find some classified intelligence, that is – yet will be easy to spot with trained eyes. Each Survival Camp contains a few wooden structures, such as a small shack, watchtower, or in most cases, a used campfire pit.

Most of these areas feature great sightlines over their surroundings, ideal for guerrilla tactics with mid- to long-range weaponry. Should you find them, it may not be a bad idea to scout ahead and plan your next attack.

When searching through these camps, you can find some Rambo-themed equipment, including a special item known as a Fallen Soldier Tag. Similar in appearance to a Dog Tag in the limited-time Power Grab mode (or Kill Confirmed in Black Ops Cold War), these tags are crucial identification needed for your mission.

CIA Outpost - Overview

That rumor may have something to do with a recent mobile CIA Outpost located somewhere in Verdansk, as the agency is hard at work trying to track down a certain guerrilla warfare expert.

Inside, the Outpost contains the agency’s equipment, a map of Verdansk with a knife protruding from it, and a catwalk that contains a small desk with a radio a picture of an attack helicopter.

Should you find this place, expect that radio to be important to your mission, especially after collecting enough Fallen Soldier Tags…

But that’s not the only mission you can go on in Warzone outside of surviving a Battle Royale or collecting the most Cash in Plunder.

Nakatomi Plaza - Overview

One of the most iconic locations from Die Hard is here in Verdansk.

Temporarily replacing the SKN Broadcast Tower and Construction Site near Downtown Verdansk’s Financial District, Nakatomi Plaza features a sprawling 10 interior levels and a roof to explore in addition to expansive exterior grounds.


Nakatomi Plaza features numerous points of entry, from the grand entrances facing West (towards Gora River) and East (towards the Financial District) to ramps and stairwells down to its Parking Garage, such as the one near the Public Park north of here.

While the ground and subterranean entrances will be common chokepoints, note the various Exterior Ascenders and scaffolding around the building. These can be used to climb several, even dozens, of floors, which could lead you to surprise some enemies inside.

Two-Level Underground Parking Garage

A two-level parking structure underneath the Plaza, this area is notorious for unsavory deals gone wrong…

Use the parked cars and concrete barriers for cover in the otherwise vacant lot and be sure to explore deeper into the depths of this basement network. There are small bathrooms and other walking paths to check for items, and the elevator bay even includes a ladder for more discreet, and potentially safer, climbing instead of the elevator cable.

1F – Lobby

Walk in from the building’s West-facing entrance to be greeted by the main reception desk, currently with no security behind the desk.

From here, there are exceptional sightlines down to the other end of the building through the central elevator hallway. Take a stroll through here and advance up through the elevator shafts – either by cable or via ladder to specific floors – or head up the stairwell located in this same hallway.

The first level also contains another hallway through a restaurant, as well as some small rooms and other office space – these areas are more ideal for close-quarters engagements.

2F – Reception

The first main office floor for the building is defined by a long wooden reception desk facing the Nakatomi Corp. logo down the main elevator hallway.

Take a lap around the center, and you’ll find a coffee break room with access to the building’s overhang, a set of cubicles that could hide some loadout items or enemies, and a camera pointed toward an unusual door…

3F – Under Construction

Ongoing renovations to Nakatomi Plaza have left this level unsuitable for work, but more than ready for a high-stakes fight.

Look around for windows with great sightlines over the surrounding Downtown area, as well as a passage that leads to the building’s ventilation system and elevator bays. Don’t worry, you won’t need a lighter when travelling through them, but don’t expect to have a few laughs if you find an enemy squad inside.

30F – Party Floor

All prepared for a company-sponsored holiday party, this luxurious level features a gorgeous marble and rock installation, decorations, and additional office space near the foyer.

Beware enemies who may be watching the action from the floor above here, as the 31st floor contains several balconies and windows down to the main foyer. Otherwise, expect a mix of combat opportunities when travelling through this level.

31F – Boardroom, CEO’s Office, and Vault

Earmarked by replicas of Nakatomi Plaza and their upcoming bridge project in East Asia, the 31st floor is the building’s executive level.

Although it may not be at a “C-suite” level of high value, you could find some loadout items in the various offices or the company’s main boardroom, which is deceptively long enough for mid-range tools to be viable.

Elsewhere on this floor is the company’s vault. While it’s been long cleared of any bearer’s bonds, it could contain a stash of incredible loot for those who can crack it open…

32F – Server Offices

Directly above the executive level is Nakatomi Plaza’s technological heart and soul: their server rooms.

In addition to a smaller reception desk that can be used for some respite, there are multiple rooms with massive server decks with busted-open skylights. A bit of parkour will allow you to access parts of the building’s multi-tiered roof, which could be great for some high-level strategies against enemies on or above this floor.

33F and 34F – Roof Access and Catwalks

The last stop for some of the building’s Exterior Ascenders, the 33rd and 34th floor contains important gas lines and other power equipment, which break up the otherwise open concrete space.

On the 34th level, expect to find a stuck fan blade opposite an entryway to the building’s roof; walk through it to find a steampipe room where the action could be as white-hot as the pipework running through it.


With 360-degree views of Verdansk, Nakatomi Plaza’s roof is an incredible vantage point for those looking to put an end to any bad guy’s plans.

The roof is split into two levels: the lower has plenty of air conditioning units, which can be used as cover, while the other is the Plaza’s helipad. You could easily fit your standard-issue helicopter up here, although Attack Helicopters also tend to treat this as their nest, especially if some defusal work needs to be done…



Nakatomi Plaza - Events

Nakatomi Plaza is poised to change Downtown Verdansk’s landscape for a limited time on its towering presence alone, but it also features several side events that offer loadout item rewards for your current match.

Here’s a look at all three of these unique events:

Deal Gone Wrong

Get your feet wet by starting in the basement, as you take out increasingly difficult waves of enemy soldiers, with each wave culminating in a fight against a henchman with a Legendary weapon and a unique grenade. 

To access this mission, find and use a radio down in the Parking Garage area to call in the deal. Once you do so, you and your squad will have to fight enemy soldiers, mercenaries who fight against your squad and any other rival Operators in Verdansk who dare to enter here.

At some point, the henchman boss will arrive with their signature weapon and a unique grenade. Defeat them, and you will be able to wield this weapon… and maybe find a few other valuable items as well.

Hostile Fire

Disable packs of C4 as you race around the helipad while an enemy attack helicopter circles above your head. 

After activating this mission towards the roof of the building, you will only have a short amount of time to defuse these explosives. The attack helicopter will not make this task any easier, but you can return fire and potentially take it out.

Once you defuse all of the C4, a few reward chests will drop from the sky with valuable items. Don’t leave the roof without them.

Unfinished Business

In this mission, you’ll retrace John McClane’s footsteps from the movie as you search for loot crates throughout Nakatomi Plaza. 

Your task will be similar to that of a Scavenger Contract: collect your orders from the first floor Security Booth, then search the building for Supply Boxes.

Each box contains some loadout items that will help you survive in Verdansk, with the last one being of particularly high value…

Top Ten Tips

10. Nakatomi Plaza: A Wealth of Engagement Types. Within each floor of Nakatomi Plaza are opportunities for CQB and mid-range engagements, such as around the lobby and on the executive floor. Snipers will want to take to the roof, or peek outside the windows for some great vantage points.

9. Consider All Entrances. While it could be a good idea to enter through the main entrance in a standard two-by-two cover formation, there are other means to enter Nakatomi Plaza. Consider delving into the Parking Garage and moving up or scurrying up the scaffold and jumping onto window washer platforms.

8. Complications to the Deal. For the Deal Gone Wrong event, watch out for fellow Operators who may try to disrupt your takes at fending off waves of enemies.

7. Sustaining Hostile Fire. When defusing the C4 in the Hostile Fire event, it may be smart to have a squad member deal with the incoming Attack Helicopter. Its weaknesses are FMJ bullets, Vehicle Damage-boosting Barrels and rocket launchers.

6. Settling Unfinished Business. Search high and low for the Supply Boxes that are part of the Unfinished Business event. Listen for the hum they emit and use your knowledge of the film to narrow down their locations.

5. Jackpot. The Nakatomi Corp. Vault is sealed tight with plenty of valuables inside. It may be possible to unlock it if you find its keys during some missions, but all we know is it’ll take more than just your charming personality to crack it open…

4. Makeshift Defenses. Any Survival Camp you’ll come across is placed tactically in major chokepoints or vantage points around Verdansk. Try using them as ambush spots or to scout ahead for your next move, and remember their locations for after that guerrilla warfare expert leaves the DZ.

3. Intel is Key to Survival. The Survival Camps will not be marked on your Tac Map, but the CIA is aware of their positions around Verdansk. Steal their intelligence, and it may be easier to find those Fallen Soldier Tags.

2. Prepare for War. At the CIA Outpost, should you have enough Fallen Soldier Tags, be sure to stock up on ammo and high-damage weaponry before calling in reinforcements on the radio. Otherwise, you may be ill-fitted for what will come next…

1. Be a Hero… But don’t be selfish! It takes the whole squad to break open the Nakatomi Corporation Vault or successfully return those Fallen Soldier Tags, so squad up, communicate often, and work together as one badass action movie protagonist ensemble.


So, what are you waiting for? Drop into this throwback thrill-ride and become the ’80s hero you were born to be. 

For more information on Call of Duty®: Warzone™, check out and follow @RavenSoftware, @Treyarch, @HighMoonStudios and @CallofDuty on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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