This weekend, the Call of Duty World League ushers in a new season of competition with the Call of Duty World League: PSX Invitational. Taking place at the PlayStation Experience 2016 in Anaheim, CA, six teams from North America and two teams from Europe will compete in the first official LAN tournament kicking off the CWL season.


PlayStation Experience Invitational


When: Saturday, December 3 - Sunday, December 4


Where: Anaheim, CA as part of the PlayStation Experience at the Anaheim Convention Center


Teams: Elevate, eUnited, Evil Geniuses, FaZe Clan, Luminosity Gaming, Orbit, Renegades, Rise Nation


Format: Swiss-system -> Single-elimination bracket


Online Viewing


Live Stream: and


Schedule (All times PST):

Saturday, December 3:

11:30am – 2017 CWL Announcement

12:00pm – Evil Geniuses vs Orbit

1:15pm – FaZe Clan vs Renegades

2:30pm – Elimination match: (Loser of EG/Orbit) vs (Loser of FaZe/Renegades)

3:45pm – Qualifying match: (Winner of EG/Orbit) vs (Winner of FaZe/Renegades)

5:00pm – Elevate vs Rise Nation

6:15pm – Luminosity Gaming vs Eunited

7:30pm – Elimination match: (Loser of Elevate/Rise) vs (Loser of LG/Eunited)

8:15pm – Qualifying match: (Winner of Elevate/Rise) vs (Winner of LG/Eunited)


Sunday, December 4:

10:00am – Qualifying match

11:15am – Qualifying match

12:30pm – Bracket Semifinal

1:45pm – Bracket Semifinal

3:00pm – Grand Final



Onsite viewing:

Tickets for PlayStation Experience 2016 are available for purchase here:


New Year, New Rosters

The buildup to a new season is always a ripe time for roster moves, and this year is no different. Evil Geniuses return to competitive Call of Duty with the lineup of Havok, Nagafen, Nameless, and StuDyy. Luminosity Gaming and Rise Nation have both made wholesale changes heading into the new year. Classic, Octane, and Slacked, all formerly squadmates on Rise Nation have joined Saints on Luminosity, while former Elevate members Aqua, Faccento, and FeLonY will play alongside Loony on Rise Nation. The two European teams will also bring fresh rosters stateside; Orbit joins two players from the CWL Champs 2016 runners-up Splyce (Joee and Rated) and two players from Team Infused (Urban and Zer0), while North American organization Elevate are now represented by four European players (Reedy, Seany, Watson, and Zed). This Invitational tournament will serve as an important first look at these new team rosters, and to see how the players perform together.


Swiss-System Format

The Call of Duty World League: PSX Invitational will employ a "Swiss-system" format within the two groups of four teams. After starting with pre-determined matches, the following matches will be assigned between teams with the same number of wins. The two teams from each group that reach two wins advance to the single-elimination bracket, with the winner becoming the Invitational champion.


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