With the Call of Duty World League Presented by PlayStation 4 Atlanta Open taking place this weekend, Jack “CouRage” Dunlop, Clint “Maven” Evans, Matt “Mr X.” Morello, Chris “Puckett” Puckett, and Phil “Momo” Whitfield took some time to discuss the different Pools entering the tournament:

Clint: (Sarcastically) Who’s on 3G?

Jack: (laughter)

Phil: QuiKeR, Zerg, Weeman, and Niall. They are not making it out of groups. They are getting stomped – they have no MLG experience… this is not going to end well for 3G.

Puckett: That’s a bunch of names of players who have never been at a COD Champs.

Phil: Yeah, pretty much (laughs). It’s – It’s not going anywhere. I think they’re lucky to be here, to be honest…

Puckett: I think this is the place where you see Cloud9 show that they're human and that they could crumble early in a tournament. I think what made Cloud9 so successful last event was clutching up in some game fives. If they didn't do that against teams like Parasite's crew, they wouldn't have had the great run that they had into a top three finish. I think this is Elevate's chance to prove that Europe truly can hang. This group should be manageable for them, but the key fight here in this one is going to be between Elevate and Luminosity Gaming.

Maven: This is the best pool by far for me, without question. Storylines between Aches and Reedy that we’ve seen – them fighting back and forth, you know. Europe vs. NA - Does Europe deserve the full placings that they got? It's been a big question. That is the best storyline here but honestly, with that aside, my eyes are on Luminosity. We've talked a lot about it with the casters. We don't understand why… I guess this isn't a top 3-to-4 team. The only thing that we can point at I guess is a lack of leadership. The skill is there, the talent is there. I feel like I'm going to be able to tell early Friday by the first couple of matches whether this is going to be someone who makes a deep run.

Mr. X: I feel this is Cloud9's tournament to take to be quite honest.

Maven: You think they'll win it all?

Mr. X: Yeah, I think that when you look at their Vegas performance, it was really strong in Hardpoint and Search and Destroy. The only reason they went to those game fives is because they'd lose the Uplinks. They've gotten better at Uplink since Vegas. I think this is a good warmup group for them. You do have to be concerned though - Aches does not get off to the best start in group play, just can't kinda… get motivated to play these matches. I think Elevate or Luminosity could upset them, but I think Lumosity is the biggest question mark for me in the group. It's whether they can actually put together a good, complete game. You look on paper, they should easily be a top 3 team. For some reason, it's just not working out.

Puckett: Who's the fight between, at the end of the day? For me for that second spot, it's between Elevate and Luminosity.

Jack: Yes.

Phil: Yeah.

Maven: Yes.

Jack: No doubt in my mind. I think 3G is a tier below the rest of these teams in this group.

Phil: For me, Cloud9 take this group quite convincingly. I think 3G really show that they're quite lucky to be here. I actually think for me, Elevate do have a lot of problems going on as well. I obviously have Luminosity going through with Cloud9. I think Elevate can have some super intense games, but you look at the lineup. Watson can fire up at times, but he can also crumble. Seany has never played on a big main stage before. Zed as well, he's had a phenomenal start to the game but he's not had that kind of MLG experience before. I think Elevate could crumble. In group stage, I'd have Cloud9 and Luminosity going through on this one. My player to watch 100% would be Seany. He's so inexperienced. He's been waiting to compete for three years, since a 15 year old kid, he's been so good. If now is the time to shine, I'm not sure, it might be a big too early for him.

Puckett: My player to watch is definitely Watson. We saw him at PSX and he totally handled all of the North American competition that was thrown at him. He is going to be their lead slayer, he's going to be their key player. The question for me is who else on his team shows up match in and match out?

Jack: Yeah, we saw Reedy have a couple tough games at CWL London. I think consistency will be key for Elevate, but I'm interested in the Europeans – I think you could pick either of the European teams moving out of this group. My player to watch in this group would probably be maybe QwiKeR from 3G, if they want any chance. I think if 3G want any opportunity, just like Infuse, they'll take that same route. He needs to go full dad mode.

Matt: Yeah, Jack's been drinking, there's zero chance. The two teams that I have meeting out of the group are Cloud9 and Luminosity. I agree with Momo, I think Elevate have some kind of issues. For me, they're just a little too inconsistent across the board. I think for me the player to watch from this group would actually be Slacked. I think if there's anyone on Luminosity who can take them a step further and step his game up individually, I think it's Slacked.

Clint: My two teams to take the group are Cloud9 and Luminosity. And I have decided that through 3 groups, I don't have a single European team making it out, which is good for them -

Matt: How do you have… You don't have Splyce making it out of B?

Clint: I’m going OpTic/Allegiance for B. As far as my player to watch, I'm watching Assault, man! I think he's the next coming of god. I think he is the best young player.

Jack: Of god!? What?!

Clint: He's basically young FormaL, dude. He'll be the best slayer in the game  within a year.

Matt: Okay. You can definitely print that -

Jack: - You know who's going to be the best slayer of the game within the year? -

Matt: - Just make sure it’s attached to Clint –

Puckett: where he says The second coming of god.”

Clint: If you were going to drop a player right now for a top team, Assault's getting picked up.

Jack: I'm tweeting this to Aches right now.

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