Gain Combat Record Control with Today’s Call of Duty® Companion App Update!

New and live today to the Call of Duty Companion App is an expanded Combat Record, Friend Favoriting, and new Black Market information, allowing a mass of Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer statistics to be inspected, and all at your fingertips!

by David Hodgson on April 04, 2019

Load up the newest update of the Call of Duty Companion App to check out further enhancements to your player hub, including new content designed to help you examine detailed Combat Record statistics, find and inspect your Friends’ information, and check your latest tier stats on the Black Market. You’ll be able to access your full player stats wherever you go. Read on to check out the following information drops:

Combat Record

Enter the Combat Record tab and enter the Barracks, where you’ll find an impressive selection of data for Black Ops 4 Multiplayer, from the following five main menus:

Weapons Stats: This defaults to the weapon you’ve historically used to deliver the most takedowns, though you’re able to see aggregated data for every single weapon available from all available types: Bare Hands, Tactical Rifles, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Specialist, Light Machine Guns, Launchers, Pistols, Submachine Guns, or Melee weapons. Main stats are EKIA/D, EKIA, Headshots, and Deaths, with additional stats detailing Kills, K/D Ratio, Accuracy, Shots Fired, Shots Landed, [times you’re] Killed By, and total Damage inflicted. For example, you can view all the statistical information for Light Machine Guns as a category, as well as individual LMGs you favor (the Titan, VKM 750 or Hades).

If Specialist Weaponry is of particular interest, you can check your stats for every piece of customized kit available to every Specialist, from the Annihilator to the Grav Slam! Furthermore, as each bit of kit has a specific use, the stats are tailored to that information. For example, the Ice Pick has stats for usage, as well as “Hacked EKIA” information (the number of Enemies Killed in Action that were hacked).

Equipment Stats: Open this to check the stats on every type of Equipment and Special Issue Equipment you utilize, including Mesh Mines, Reactor Cores, 9-Bangs, Seekers, Cluster Grenades, Razor Wire, Sensor Darts, Tac-Deploys, Hawks, Assault Packs, Frags, Molotovs, Trophy Systems, and more.

The Usage Count, [times you’re] Killed By, Damage, and Assists are all shown for each piece of equipment, which also has more specific information where appropriate. For example, Razor Wire has a value for EKIA Slowed Enemies (the number of Enemies Killed in Action that were slowed by this device).

Scorestreak Stats: As you might expect, specific data (such as Usage Count and Assists) are included for and tailored to each remote device you’re able to utilize, which includes the RC-XD, Sentry, Hellstorm, Attack Chopper, Mantis, Lightning Strike, Dart, Care Package, Counter-UAV, Strike Team, UAV, Sniper’s Nest, and Gunship

Maps Stats: Past Multiplayer maps you’ve played (including weather variants), and game modes you’ve chosen are also logged with pertinent statistics, with EKIA/D, EKIA, Headshots, and Deaths as main information. Then there’s Additional Stats (Kills, K/D Ratio, Accuracy, Shots Fired, Shots Landed, Killed By, and Damage totals). Need to know your total shots fired on Arsenal Domination? You’re only a few taps away!

Attachment Stats: The last main section of Combat Record deals with EKIA/D, EKIA, Headshots, and Deaths for particular attachments that impact a weapon’s performance, and these also come with Additional Stats (Kills, K/D Ratio, Accuracy, Shots Fired, Shots Landed, Killed By, and Damage totals). Now you can check your potency with FMJ bullets, Barrel Chokes, the Steady Grip, and all other weapon attachments.

Friend Favoriting

If you’re wanting more options to connect with your Friends, then the Friend Favoriting section is likely to help: Your first-party friends now have a star next to them. Tap the star blue to “favorite” a friend, and they’re moved to the top of your friends list. Furthermore, you’re able to see when they sign on, and receive prompts after they complete certain activities, like winning a Blackout game. You’re also able to search for other players and check their stats (provided their privacy settings allow you to view them).

Black Market

Need a place to keep track of your gear, and see what’s coming to you soon? Then inspect the new Black Market tab under the Player menu, where the current Operation, and all Contraband Stream Tier information is given, including the tier you’re currently on, and the rewards you’re able to obtain as you level up. You’re also able to view potential rewards from the Reserves (like characters, weapons, and outfits).

Combat Record Readiness: Available Today!

This update to the Call of Duty Companion App is accessible today (April 4), both at the Apple Store and Google Store. Download it today and take Call of Duty® with you wherever you go.

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