Contracts and In-Game Events

Infil: Tactics in the Warzone

Contracts are an important part of Call of Duty®: Warzone™ – here’s how you can complete all Contract types and the rewards you get for doing so. Also, a look at potential In-Game Events that may happen during a Battle Royale.

Bullet Points:

·      Contracts

            o   Bounty Contracts

            o   Scavenger Contracts

            o   Recon Contracts

            o   Supply Run Contracts

            o   Most Wanted Contracts

            o   Top-Secret Contracts

·      In-Game Events

            o   Fire Sale

            o   Supply Chopper

            o   Jailbreak



Warzone isn’t just about outlasting and outgunning the competition; around Verdansk, you and your squad can complete Contracts, in-game missions that can reward you with Cash (in Plunder mode), loot, and other benefits.

In Warzone matches, Contracts appear as small computer tablets in the overworld, and their drop locations are marked on your Tac Map as soon as you enter the match, allowing you to plan your drop accordingly.

Note: Contracts appear on your Tac Map randomly, as the following icons:

Bounty Contract: Target icons.

Recon Contract: Flag icons.

Scavenger Contract: Magnifying glass icons.

Supply Run Contract: Timer icons.

Most Wanted Contract: Crown icons.

Locate one, mark it, and move to it.

Note: In the Plunder game mode Contracts are mainly found in Supply Boxes around the map.

Note: Only one Contract is active per squad. All squad members must complete the Contract, or wait for the Contract to expire, before a subsequent Contract can be found and started.

Note: Contracts are the main methods of obtaining funds to use in Buy Stations and should be a major part of your tactics, if not a priority.

Each Contract has a specific objective that must be completed within a time limit. Finish the contract, and you receive reward XP, Weapon XP for the current weapons in your Loadout, Cash, loot, and/or other in-game benefits. The value of these rewards greatly differs between Battle Royale and Plunder Warzone game modes.

Currently, there are five different Contracts: Bounty, Recon, Scavenger, Supply Run, and Most Wanted


Upon picking up this Contract, you and your squad have only a few minutes to hunt down a player within an enemy squad. Your Tac Map shows the approximate location of the foe, but it’s all up to you to find out precisely where they are and execute them. If enough time is available, after they are killed the timer extends, and the bounty shifts to another target member within that squad.

Once all target squad members are eliminated, the Contract is completed, and you are rewarded with Cash, XP, and the satisfaction of knocking a squad out of the game!

Because eliminating targets is a major part of Warzone, Bounty Contracts should be second nature. Plus, the additional intel of an enemy’s approximate area may help those who use the Tac Mac to callout and track players, as it moves when the target player moves.

Bounty Contracts are an excellent way to spend your time in the Warzone, as you’re technically receiving rewards for eliminating rival players; something you’re doing irrespective of this Contract being activated!

Usually, the most aggressive Warzone players seek these Contracts due to this fact, on top of the high Cash return for successfully completing it. If you see them in the wild and a squad is nearby, grab it before they do.

Also, in rare instances when picking up a Bounty Contract, you may receive an error message that reads, “Contract unavailable. Consolidation Loot awarded.” This especially happens late into a match where there are few squads remaining.

This is because every squad can only have a Bounty placed on one of its members once per game. In other words, if one of your squadmates is the target of Bounty, and you help them successfully evade it, your squad can never have another Bounty placed on them for the rest of the match. This also applies to Solo games; if you evade a Bounty during a match, then you will not have to worry about one being placed on you again.


Low on loot? This Contract points you to three special Supply Boxes, one at a time by placing a special icon on your Tac Map. Once the first one is opened, the second is marked, followed by the third once both boxes are collected.

Finding even just one, or the first two special Supply Boxes, allows you and your squad to keep any loot or Cash found, but collecting all three offers the best rewards: a chance at rarer loot – Legendary weapons, Field Upgrades, and even Self-Revive Kits – as well as the XP and Cash bonuses. As of Season Three, the final box will always include an Armor Satchel, in addition that other loot.

Think of this as a scavenger hunt to gather resupplies; if you are low on loot, completing this Contract could kickstart your squad’s Loadouts, or prepare all of your squad for the late game with high level items.


After activating this contract, your Tac Map will update with an objective marker where you and your team must stand within a small radius around a comms station and upload data. Those who are familiar with Call of Duty® Multiplayer can equate this task to capturing an HQ or Domination flag.

Once a squad member hops onto this objective, a flare will fire up from the station, which can be seen by everyone in the match who is near it. Completing the upload will award loot and Cash directly onto the location, as well as showing you where the next safe area will be via a yellow circle on the Tac Map.

By design, Recon Contracts are risky ventures: the flare can alert nearby enemies, and capturing the objective will take time, although it can be sped up by having multiple people standing within the objective area at the same time.

Still, being able to see the next circle could be the intel your team needs to set up some later game strategies, and the extra loot and Cash could equip you for the road ahead.

NOTE: The Yellow circle will appear on your Tac Map inside the current circle, shown in white, similar to the image above.

Supply Run

Upon activating this contract, your Tac Map will change a specific Buy Station Icon from a green shopping cart (or trolly) to a yellow one with a star underneath. Furthermore, on the left side of the screen where the Contract appears, there will be a countdown timer.

Your mission is to reach that Buy Station before the time hits zero. Any squad member can complete the Supply Run by reaching the designated Buy Station in time, even if they weren’t the one to activate the Contract.

If your squad successfully makes it, each squad member receives a Cash reward and an 80% discount on most items. Even better, there’s no cost for picking up a Self-Revive Kit or redeploying a fallen teammate, who can also get a discounted item if they have not received one already.

However, there are two catches: The Loadout Drop Marker is not discounted, and you can only select one discounted or free item before the Buy Station returns to its normal prices, so choose wisely.

Supply Runs can be easier to complete with a vehicle, as that offers a faster mode of transportation compared to walking. Another option is to pick a Supply Run up while a squadmate is in the air, so they can then redirect their landing towards the marked Buy Station and complete the run in record time.

Furthermore, note that these contracts tend to be more popular choices within the Plunder game mode, where Buy Station prices are drastically higher and the whole map is open to explore, allowing Operators to complete these long hauls more easily.

Most Wanted

Think of this Contract as the inverse of a Bounty: instead of a random Operator being marked on your Tac Map, you are voluntarily putting a Bounty on yourself for any squad to see.

Upon picking up a Most Wanted contract, a red crowned icon will appear above you on the Tac Map for all Operators currently in the game. 

You are then given a time limit to survive with a literal target on your back. If you die, then it’s business as usual: survive the Gulag or, if you blew your chance or it’s too late in the game and it’s closed, pray your squadmates are around to revive you.

If you do survive a Most Wanted contract, you and your squad will be paid handsomely in Cash. Furthermore, if any of a Most Wanted player’s squadmates are dead at the time of the Contract’s completion, they are instantly redeployed into the game.

Besides not wanting a squad to return to full strength and/or gain tons of Cash, what’s the incentive for taking out a Most Wanted target? Those that find, and neutralize, a Most Wanted target get Cash, as well as have their Contract Mission Reward Tier increased by one, as if they completed a standard Contract.

Two strategies that have seen use within Warzone through Most Wanted contracts are the use of vehicles and using the Most Wanted target as “bait.”

For the former, it’s tougher to hit a moving target than a stationary one, especially if it is in the air via helicopter, so some Most Wanted players like to grab a helicopter and fly around the map until the time runs out. If you are someone trying to capture an airborne Most Wanted player, we either suggest getting the launchers out, or aiming a Sniper Rifle right for the pilot’s seat.

As for the latter, some squads like to designate one of their friends as the “bait” for other squads to swarm to. Once those enemies show up to try and collect their bounty, the whole squad of the marked player springs into action, adding the spoils of a typical engagement on top of the massive Cash bonus they might receive for having their marked squadmate survive.

Because this strategy can be easily employed within a match, it’s wise to assume that a stationary or slow-moving Most Wanted player is not alone. At the very least, you should expect other squads to show up and compete for the Most Wanted elimination, so remain on guard when trying to track down Verdansk and Rebirth Island’s Most Wanted.

For Your Eyes Only: Top-Secret Contracts

In very rare instances – say, a low percentage of matches overall, or under specific circumstances – Verdansk and Rebirth Island have other contracts that may be available for you to complete. These are extremely valuable, one-of-a-kind contracts that not only offer massive Cash bonuses, but also another permanent reward outside of the match, such as a Weapon Blueprint for your Armory.

An example of this is a Contraband Contract.

A small percentage of Battle Royale matches in Verdansk has a chance at including a Contraband Contract. In those matches, this Contract – which appears as a blue briefcase – will appear after one Operator completes any other Contract in the game. When hovering over a Contraband Contract, you will see the massive Cash payout and the permanently unlocked Weapon Blueprint it rewards you for completing it.

Also, unlike most Contracts that expire upon death, any Operator who eliminates someone with the Contraband Contract gets to pick it up for themselves.

After picking up this Briefcase, your Tac Map will update to show the extraction platform – a blue platform icon – for this piece of Contraband. Similar to a Plunder Platform, you must call in a chopper to safely bring the Contraband out of the DZ, then interact with the bag it drops after flying in to secure your new weapon.

These actions can, and will, leave you open to attack, as few things in Warzone draw more attention than a plume of colored smoke and a massive helicopter flying in. Get ready to fight for the right to claim these incredible rewards… And consider packing some Killstreaks – you may need all the help you can get to extract that Contraband.

Contract Bonuses

Whenever you complete a Contract, your Contract Bonus will increase. This stat, which does not carry over from match-to-match, determines the level of loot and Cash that can be earned by completing contracts.

A Contract Bonus of 1, which all Operators begin with at the start of a Warzone match, means that you’ll most likely only earn a few thousand in Cash and some XP and weapon XP from a contract. However, if you complete five Contracts and have a Contract Bonus level of 6, the next Contract you complete has a high chance of showering you with a much greater amount of Cash, XP, Weapon XP, and a greater chance of Epic or Legendary loot.

You can see what your current Contract Bonus is on the left side of the HUD below the Circle Collapse timer.

In general, completing as many Contracts as possible during a Warzone match is a fantastic strategy, as it can help a squad rack up tens of thousands in Cash and high-level loot during the overall quest for survival.

In-Game Events

In addition to Contracts, which squads can choose to pick up in order to change their in-game strategy, Warzone also features a dynamic in-game event system that sometimes shakes up a typical Battle Royale.

While Plunder has its own, predictable in-game events – e.g. Supply Choppers and Overtime – that happen every game, a Battle Royale’s in-game events can happen at random. In most games, there will be no in-game event for a Battle Royale… But in some, you may have the following happen:

Fire Sale

This in-game event is the one that you’ll most likely come across in Warzone, as there will always be one during the third circle collapse of Resurgence games on Rebirth Island.

Fire Sales slash prices of all Buy Station products by 80%, as EVERYTHING MUST GO! You want a UAV? Forget $4,000. Have it now for just $800! Need that cluster of Cluster Strikes? We’ll take that $3,000 price tag slash it down to $600! And, if you act now during this Fire Sale, we’ll even through in redeployments and Self-Revive Kits for free!

… Okay, we’ll drop the salesperson act; the prices are like that of what you would get from the first purchase after a Supply Run Contract. Except they will be at that discounted price for a brief period and will apply to every Buy Station.

Just like a typical clear-out sale, there’s always products that are excluded from the offer: Loadout Drops, the hottest item at a Buy Station, will always be at their normal price, so don’t expect to get it for anything less than $10,000.


Supply Chopper

Just like in Plunder, Supply Choppers can also fly into Verdansk (and in rarer cases, Rebirth Island) with plenty of cargo aboard.

Should you engage them (ideally with a rocket launcher) they drop a large amount of Cash, Killstreaks such as UAVs, Munitions and Ammo Boxes, and more Legendary items like six-round grenade launchers and Gas Masks. However, like Attack Choppers in Plunder, they can fire back and down you, and the item box they drop upon being destroyed takes a few seconds to open.

When a Supply Chopper event is announced, it might be a good idea to pick up a launcher or an LMG with high vehicle damage, such as one equipped with a Cavalry Lancer barrel, to shoot them down from the sky. However, don’t think you will be the only Operator trying to take it down and collect its cargo; fights over this valuable drop are to be expected, so ensure you’re ready to face both man and machine during this event.



This event defines the phrase, “it ain’t over ‘till it’s over.”

When a Jailbreak is announced, every Operator who is currently in the Gulag and is eliminated will return to the combat zone after a short countdown. At that point, a siren will sound off, and those Operators will all fall back onto the map from the sky.

This event is the most beneficial in squad game modes where one squadmate is still alive, as they will get their friends back into the match thanks to the Jailbreak. Otherwise, in situations where the whole squad is eliminated, or in Solos, this event is a bit of a gamble – do you stay in a match and see if a Jailbreak happens? Or do you accept defeat and try again in another match?

Because a Jailbreak, like other events, happens at random, the only advice we can give is to prepare for one if it happens. These Operators will only have their starting pistol when they return, but the sheer size of enemy reinforcements returning to combat should put you on high alert. If a Jailbreak happens, try to eliminate as many as these enemies as possible before they have a chance to rebuild their loadouts, otherwise they may make the most of their second chance.

No matter what random in-game event happens, it’s usually a sign to change your strategy immediately, whether it be to participate in it, or at least note that other squads may take advantage of it.


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