“What does the city of London mean to you?”

It’s not specifically London that means a lot to me, it’s England, my home.

Before competing in the Call of Duty World League, I grew up on various different council estates around England. I moved around a lot with my two brothers and mother, as times were pretty rough back then. I don’t really remember much other than spending my days playing football at the local park and using the swings as goalposts, and of course, spending a ridiculous number of hours playing video games.

For most of my professional gaming career, I played out of wherever I was living out in England, but right now, I’m living in Vegas with my teammates. It hasn’t felt much different bar the weather; we’re still spending every day practicing. Although the nights out are a little different.

Playing for England isn’t on my mind when I’m playing in the Pro League; I have to focus on my team and the game at hand. But when we have events back home, there’s always a little extra to play for.

The crowd gives you an extra boost in confidence, whether you’re winning or losing. In tough matches, you can hear them pulling for you. The home crowd from CWL Birmingham last season stands out as a favorite memory in my long, continuing career.

Representing Splyce at Birmingham in 2017 alonside Jurd (Jordan "Jurd" Crowley), Bance (Ben "Bance" Bance), and MadCat (Dylan "MadCat" Daly) was special. The run was something you just had to be there to see it; a presence you couldn’t see in the broadcast.

At the end of that run, when we beat Luminosity Gaming in the first best of five during the Grand Finals, listening to those reactions is something I will never forget.

As of now, the Birmingham event is my greatest accomplishment in my career. That feeling of playing on that stage in front of that home crowd was incredible.

I'm expecting CWL London to surpass it.

Leading up to London, the amount of support Reciprocity – my current team – is receiving lately is crazy. I’m always excited to play Call of Duty, no matter the audience, but I can’t wait to be in front of that home crowd again, especially with how much England means to me.

So, I can only put this as nicely as possible: get your arses off that fence, buy your ticket, find a seat, and enjoy it. I can assure you it'll be the best event of the year.

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