From March 15 to March 17, the CWL Fort Worth Cup will be up for grabs at CWL Fort Worth, Presented by PlayStation 4, featuring all sixteen teams currently competing at the CWL Pro League.

While those squads clash for the cup, the best players outside of the Pro League will begin their own road to glory through the CWL Fort Worth MTN DEW® AMP® GAME FUEL® Open Bracket.

The gauntlet tournament is expected to feature hundreds of teams all competing for a dedicated amateur tournament prize pool, critical CWL Pro Points used for seeding at tournaments, and the chance to play on the CWL Fort Worth main stage during the event.

Here’s what to watch for and how the MTN DEW® AMP® GAME FUEL® Open Bracket works:

The Format:

Hundreds of amateur teams will enter, but only one leaves Fort Worth as the MTN DEW® AMP® GAME FUEL® Open Bracket champion.

This competition is a double-elimination tournament with teams seeded via total CWL Pro Points, collected through official CWL online and LAN tournaments. To start, teams will compete in Best of 3 Games – which is one Hardpoint match, one Search and Destroy series, and, if a tie-break is necessary, one Control match.

Once 16 teams are left in the bracket, the matches will all be Best of 5 Games.

Teams will continue playing until there are two squads left standing: the Winners Bracket Finalist and the Losers Bracket Finalist. These teams will face each other on the CWL Fort Worth main stage for the Grand Finals.

Should the Winners Bracket Finals beat the Losers Bracket Finals team, they will be crowned the champions. If the Losers Bracket team wins the first series, the bracket will be reset and a new best-of-five series will be needed to decide a winner.

Dedicated Amateur Prize Pool:

Here’s the full breakdown of prizing for teams:

  • 1st: $15,000
  • 2nd: $12,500
  • 3rd: $10,000
  • 4th: $8,000
  • 5th/6th: $5,000
  • 7th/8th $2,750
  • 9-12th: $2,000
  • 13-16th: $1,500

On top of cash prizes for the top-16 teams, each player on the top-64 teams will all receive CWL Pro Points in the following denominations:

  • 1st: 5000 Pro Points
  • 2nd: 3000 Pro Points
  • 3rd: 2200 Pro Points
  • 4th: 1800 Pro Points
  • 5th/6th: 1600 Pro Points
  • 7th/8th: 1400 Pro Points
  • 9-12th: 1100 Pro Points
  • 13-16th: 900 Pro Points
  • 17-24th: 600 Pro Points
  • 25th-32nd: 400 Pro Points
  • 33rd-48th: 300 Pro Points
  • 49-64th: 200 Pro Points

Why are CWL Pro Points important?

CWL Pro Points are the qualification points system used to rank individual players in the CWL.

With this system, teams of five players are able to get proper seeding – when individual player points are combined as a team – allowing squads and viewers in venue and at home to determine who are the top teams in the amateur competitive scene.

For the Players:

Those competing in the CWL Fort Worth MTN DEW® AMP® GAME FUEL® Open Bracket, or who look to play in one of these brackets at a future event, this information is crucial to know:

Roster lock for CWL Fort Worth’s MTN DEW® AMP® GAME FUEL® Open Bracket is on Monday, March 11th, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. EST / 3:00 p.m. PST. Once the roster is locked, all five players must show up to the venue by the first day of the event to receive their team pass.

All players competing must bring a controller, a USB cord, headset (Astro Mixamps will be provided), and earbuds for the event. Furthermore, this must all travel in a clear plastic bag, which is available at the event’s registration table.

For those looking to travel out to another MTN DEW® AMP® GAME FUEL® Open Bracket at a CWL event near you, the best place to start is to start with CWL Ladders and Tournaments on MLG GameBattles. These online events can help boost your CWL Pro Points, as well as gain valuable experience against amateur, veteran, and even professional players.

While team passes for these events are available when announced, they go out fast, so keep an eye out on the official @CODWorldLeague Twitter to know when they are on sale. Alternatively, if you think your team is the best in your respective region and have enough CWL Pro Points, you can earn free travel and accommodation to a future event by competing in the CWL National Qualifiers, which you can learn more about here.

How to Watch:

For those who rather watch up-and-coming stars compete, you can do so by buying a Spectator Pass and heading on down to the Fort Worth Convention Center during the weekend of March 15.

Otherwise, the MTN DEW® AMP® GAME FUEL® Open Bracket will have its very own dedicated stream via the Call of Duty Open Twitch channel and on You can watch all the action there and see all the upsets, Cinderella runs, and incredible plays live from Texas.

For more intel about Call of Duty World League and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, be sure to visit and follow @CallofDuty, @CODWorldLeague and @Treyarch on Twitter.