Hundreds of competitors were whittled down to eight Championship Bracket teams after a two-day double-elimination gauntlet, when the CWL Atlanta Open bracket came to an end on March 10.

Here were some of the biggest stories from the CWL Atlanta Open Bracket, which featured teams from North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific Region (APAC):

Quarterfinal Clash

The Open Winners Bracket Quarterfinals at CWL Atlanta had upsets across the board for some of the National Circuit’s Stage 1 competitors.

Three United States National Circuit Stage 1 competitors were stunned throughout the event: runners-up Gone Gaming lost to Earthroot Gaming; Enigma6 were upset by WaR, and GGEA Blue were swept by Team Heretics.

Canada National Circuit teams – minus Lightning Pandas, which moved to Pool Play in place of an absent Epsilon – finished the Quarterfinals with mixed results. Stage 1 Playoff team EZG lost to the US squad Reign, and Morituri eSports sent fellow Stage 1 competitors Lethal Gaming into the Losers Bracket.

European teams also suffered surprising defeats in the Open Winners Quarterfinals. United Kingdom Stage 1 champs Most Wanted were knocked out by Midnight Gaming, while Stage 1 champions Overtime eSport were swept by runners-up Supremacy.

French Stage 1 Playoff team Monaco eSport swept GGEA Purple to close out the region’s results.

National Circuit Competitors Qualify for Atlanta Pool Play

National Circuit teams ruled the open, with all four open spots going to teams that competed in the online regional leagues.

Ghost Gaming of the US swept Giants Gaming in the Open Winners Semifinals and won their Pool Play qualification match against compLexity 3-1. In that match against coL, Ghost’s Andres “Lacefield” Lacefield clutched up a Search and Destroy round for his team with some highlight reel-worthy moves.

US National Circuit team GGEA Orange punched their ticket to Pool Play by defeating Pure Gaming 2-1 and sweeping APAC’s Tainted Minds 3-0 in the Open Winners Finals.

The young French squad Monaco won their way into Pool Play after defeating Morituri 3-1.

Spain’s Heretics made its way to pools after an upset to #63 seed Mazer Gaming as well as convincing wins against Taboo, Fury Gaming, and Reign.

Due to their seeds, GGEA Orange were placed into Pool A, Ghost were put into Pool B, Heretics found themselves in Pool C, and Monaco were slotted into Pool D.

Survival in the Open Losers Bracket

In the Championship Losers Bracket qualifying round, Morituri swept Overtime, coL took down Gone 3-1, Tainted Minds beat Mercy 3-2, and Most Wanted put an end to Mazer Gaming’s impressive run.

National Circuit teams continue their progression with all four losers bracket coming from the online regional competition: Morituri from Canada, compLexity of the US, Tainted Minds out of the APAC region, and the UK’s Most Wanted.

The CWL Atlanta Open Bracket’s eight survivors head to the Championship Bracket, where they have the chance to take home a share of the event’s $200,000 prize pool.

You can watch the CWL Atlanta Open live on, where you watch source quality video, engage with fellow fans in the Scorestreak mini-game, and see real-time player statistics.

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