Day 2 has come to a close at the Call of Duty World League Presented by PlayStation 4 Championship, and the 32 teams who entered the Amway Center on Wednesday were whittled down to just 16 for the Championship Bracket.

In Groups E-H, two North American Last Chance Qualifier teams proved themselves against Global Pro League teams and other competitors, and one team who did not attend the Stage 2 Playoffs upset a former Global Pro League champion.

Here is what happened in Groups E-H:

FaZe Put an End to Red Reserve’s Season as Allegiance Advance Through


On Thursday morning, FaZe began their run towards the next stage of the CWL Championship by picking apart eRa Eternity. In game one on Retaliation Hardpoint, Ian “Enable” Wyatt lead his squad to a 250-101 victory, as he went 20-10 with over two minutes of hill time.

FaZe then dominated on Throwback Search and Destroy, as Pierce “Gunless” Hillman did not die once, while Tommy “ZooMaa” Paparratto earned 10 kills with only one death in a 6-0 win. The North American team then ended the series on Frost Uplink, where they made a scoring play in the last thirty seconds to earn the sweep.

The other Group E match saw Team Allegiance take on Red Reserve, and the North American LCQ team drew first blood on Retaliation Hardpoint 250-168, as ALG outscored Red on Grave and Street by 130 points.

In game two on Throwback Search and Destroy, Red Reserve’s Joe “Joee” Pinnington put on some impressive moves against ALG. Round six saw him bobbing and weaving the lemon stand to win a 1v1 duel, and he showed the same skill and awareness in round eight to hit the game-winning kill for his team.

After Red’s 6-2 win, Team Allegiance’s Dakota "Nova" Williams went on a tear in the first half of Frost Uplink, hitting 20 kills and only dying seven times as his team entered halftime up 9-0. He cooled down in the second half, but he and his team still fought off a Red Reserve comeback to get ahead in the series.

Then on Breakout Hardpoint, Nova and his teammate Austin "Believe" Smith earned five killstreak rewards combined by the start of the second rotation. Those rewards helped pepper Red Reserve on outside hills, and seal the series in favor of ALG as the two players combined for over 45 kills, with both having only single-digit deaths.

Team Allegiance then qualified for the Championship Bracket after taking eRa Eternity out of the tournament. Their series began with a 90-point win on Breakout Hardpoint, followed by a Crusher Search and Destroy where ALG went up 2-0 with a 6-2 win.

They then came back in the second half of Precinct Uplink down 4-1 to go up 5-4, but a last second dunk from eRa Eternity forced the series into one more game. eRa was not able to continue their bid at a reverse sweep though, losing a game of Throwback Hardpoint 250-129 to end their time at the CWL Championship.

As Allegiance played their final match against eRa Eternity, Red Reserve had to win their series against FaZe in less than five games in order to stay alive at the CWL Championship.

Unfortunately for Red, FaZe was ready to knock them out in order to snatch up the top seed of Group E. FaZe took game one on Breakout Hardpoint 250-164, but Red tied the series up with a 6-3 win on Crusher Search and Destroy.

Red then looked to almost be through to the weekend after an incredible buzzer beating 11-10 win on Precinct Uplink, with Rated dunking in the go-ahead score in the final ten seconds.

But Red had their Championship dreams slip away from them on Throwback Hardpoint, losing 250-151 and virtually being knocked out of the event due to tiebreaker rules with Team Allegiance. As for Allegiance, they earned the second seed out of Group E, putting themselves into a match against Fnatic on Friday.

Although FaZe wound up losing their series against Red Reserve, Dillon “Attach” Price was happy to be back in the CWL Championship Bracket, a place that he has called home for the past two Championship events.

“This time for this year’s Championship Bracket, I’m feeling a lot more confident in me and my team. I think we are a lot better at Infinite Warfare as a unit, and I’m excited to get into the Championship Bracket,” Attach said.

Fnatic Finish Group F in First

Fnatic and Str8 Rippin’ both won their morning matches to set themselves up for an intense battle for the top Group F spot on Thursday.

In Fnatic’s first game against EG, Bradley “wuskin” Marshall fully streaked out and helped grab Graveyard on second rotation to help Fnatic patch up an early deficit, and take game one out from under the Geniuses.

After rolling through Evil Geniuses on Crusher Search and Destroy 6-2, the two teams had an intense game of Precinct Uplink. Both teams traded shots in the final minutes, with the score tied 8-8 entering the last 60 seconds. The final score of the game saw Call of Duty Iron Man Thomas "Tommey" Trewren dialing one in from downtown to win 9-8 and sweep Evil Geniuses in the series 3-0.

Str8 Rippin’ had a bit of an easier series against Tainted Minds, dominating them in game one and winning Scorch Search and Destroy 6-2 off the back of Jeremy “StuDyy” Astacio’s nine kill game, including his game-winner in the eighth round. Str8 then finished Tainted Minds off in Precinct Uplink 10-1, scoring most of their points in the first half as Donovan “Temp” Laroda racked up 28 kills.

In that battle for the top seed of Group F, Str8 Rippin’ won the opener on Scorch Hardpoint 250-220 after StuDyy earned over 30 kills, and held down the final Hardpoint with his reactive armor popped. Game two on Breakout Search and Destroy saw Fnatic take a nail-biting 10 round match, where SunnyB and Wuskin clutched up a 2v3 to tie the series at one all.

Fnatic then rolled out to a 4-0 lead at the start of a Throwback Uplink, and despite Brandon “Dashy” Otell hitting his full streaks 90 seconds into the second half, Fnatic went up 2-1 in the series after holding Str8 Rippin’ to only a single dunk. They then took hold of Group F’s top seed by winning Retaliation Hardpoint 250-224, after coming back through the final Bridge and Grave hills.

Str8 Rippin’ still earned the second seed of Group F, but will have to face FaZe in the first round if they want to get further in the CWL Championship bracket. Meanwhile, Fnatic will square up against Team Allegiance on Friday to begin their Championship Bracket weekend.

Splyce and Ghost Advance to the Championship Bracket Weekend

Both Stage 2 Global Pro League teams who entered Group G won out of it and into the Championship Bracket, however Ghost Gaming, who narrowly missed the Stage 2 Playoffs, bested Splyce in the final Group G match that determined Championship Bracket seeding.

Splyce’s first game of the day saw them dominate Scorch Hardpoint on the first rotation against Millenium, and it seemed that Millenium would soon join the 100-point club. Although Millenium rallied back on a few hills, their efforts could not get them back in the game, as they lost 250-189 on the first map.

Lead by Dylan “MatCat” Daly’s nine kill performance, Splyce then took game two on Breakout Search and Destroy 6-2, and won the following Throwback Uplink 5-4 by fending off a last minute comeback from Millenium.

As Splyce were fighting Millenium, Ghost came back and inched past Team Kaliber on Scorch Hardpoint 250-242 to start their morning series.

Team Kaliber then got ahead of Ghost on Breakout Search and Destroy 4-2, but were then forced into round 11 by the stingy Ghost squad. In the final round, TK managed to keep Lamar "Accuracy" Abedi and Jevon "Goonjar" Gooljar-Lima alive long enough for them to get the final kill, avoiding back-to-back collapses.

Ghost then rebounded in Uplink, winning on Throwback 7-3 as Chance "Maux" Moncivaez racked up 33 kills and two of Ghost’s seven scores. They then kept rolling into Retaliation Hardpoint, where Andres "Lacefield" Lacefield tallied up 27 kills and over a minute of hill time to help Ghost win the game 250-220 and the series 3-1.

In the Championship Bracket seed decider between Ghost Gaming and Splyce, Ghost won the first game on Breakout Hardpoint 250-163, but were immediately stopped cold by Splyce who beat them 6-1 on Crusher Search and Destroy.

They then took the next respawn game mode, an Uplink on Precinct, 8-3 after Maux dropped 29 kills and 3 points for his Ghost squad. Ghost then put an end to Group G play, launching a strong comeback to defeat Splyce 250-227 on Throwback Hardpoint.

Enigma6 and Cloud9 Round out the top-16 CWL Championship Teams

Group H had a pretty similar schedule of matches to Group G, with Cloud9 and Enigma6 clashing in the final matches of the day to determine seeding in the Championship Bracket.

Cloud9 began their first series against Team MRN on Retaliation Hardpoint, and blew out the continental European team 250-50 with not a single C9 player dying more than 10 times.

Throwback Search and Destroy saw Team MRN rally back to keep it close, but C9 pulled away in the ninth and tenth rounds, with Adam “Assault” Garcia clutching a 2v1 to win the game. During that Search and Destroy though, Patrick “ACHES” Price could not find a solid shot on the MRN players, going 0-7 despite him having a few assists and his team winning the game.

On Frost Uplink, Assault still showed his slaying prowess by going 22-11 in the first half, and with C9 holding a 4-0 lead at halftime, they essentially sealed the series right then and there.

As for Enigma6, they faced some hard resistance from Rogue in their first Thursday match, with Rogue taking the first Hardpoint on Retaliation 250-190.

On the Throwback Search and Destroy that followed, the teams were tied through eight rounds, but Nicholas "Proto" Maldonado and Matthew "Royalty" Faithfull truly shined for the E6 team, with 13 kills each in the entire match and helping Enigma6 win 6-4.

Game three on Frost Uplink was tied 4-4 at the end of the half, but Rogue then went up 9-6 with just under two minutes left to play. Enigma6 then came back in spectacular fashion, with Royalty dunking one in and earned a multikill to place E6 within one score. Then, Proto engineered a camo play to get the final dunk of the game in for Enigma6, putting them up 2-1 in the overall series.

The teams were neck-and-neck heading into Graveyard and Commissary hills in the final rotations of game four on Breakout Hardpoint, where E6 put themselves 10 points way from the win on the Graveyard. While Rogue were able to get an early rotation onto the Commissary, they could not handle the final attack from E6, as the team punched in the final points to win the series deciding game 250-223.

After the series against Rogue, Jordon “General” General said that he and his team were not “playing like ourselves” in their morning series, but was confident that he and his team would take the top spot in Group H later in the day.

“Going into the Cloud9 series, we played them before at Anaheim and we beat them 3-0 in the pools. It was a close 3-0, but I’m confident that we can take them on. As long as we pull down our rotations in that first Hardpoint, and carry that momentum into the Search and Destroy, I think we can take that 3-0 or 3-1,” General said.

General and his team almost seemed follow that gameplan to a T in that series against C9, striking first in the series with a 250-144 win on Breakout Hardpoint. Enigma6 then took down C9 6-3 on Crusher Search and Destroy, but faltered in the Uplink as they lost 9-4 on Precinct. Enigma6 did finish up the series in the next game on Breakout Hardpoint, winning 2501-144 as Royalty displayed solid slaying ability with 38 kills.

The final sixteen teams have now been decided for the CWL Championship, and will be playing all weekend at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. You can watch those CWL Championship games, including the Championship Bracket that will be held from Friday to Sunday, over on the official MLG Facebook pageon the official MLG Twitch Channeland on the official MLG YouTube channel.

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