The Call of Duty World League Presented by PlayStation 4 Sydney Open 1 hosted by ESL showcased the APAC region’s best teams as they competed in both an open bracket and pool play setting.

Tainted Minds and Mindfreak, two of the top dogs from down under, battled it out through both the Winner’s Bracket Final and the Grand Final. While Tainted Minds took a 2-1 lead in the first Grand Final series, Mindfreak brought it back and reset the bracket with a 3-2 victory. Their hot streak continued into the second series, where they swept Tainted Minds 3-0 and took home first place.

Here’s how it all went down on the Australian stage:

Pool Play

Pool A
Tainted Minds 3-0 / Prodigy eSports 2-1 / UnVeiL NoVa 1-2 / RageESC 0-3

As Tainted Minds and Prodigy took the top two spots in Pool A – Prodigy being the only team in the pool to take a map off of Tainted Minds – both teams later swept UnVeiL and RageESC. UnVeiL were able to take a 3-2 win off RageESC, but were relegated to the Losers bracket along with RageESC.

Pool B
Mindfreak 3-0 / Team InFamous 2-1 / Valor Australia 1-2 / Node 0-3

Mindfreak and Team InFamous both flew through Pool B as they swept through Node and Valor, though it was MF that took the win over InFamous. Node tried to pull it together in their series against Valor Australia, but eventually fell apart with a 3-2 loss.

Pool C
Chiefs eSports Club 3-0 / Validate Red 2-1 / RamPaGe Gaming 1-2 / Volume Gaming 0-3

The Chiefs eSports Club were the dominant faces in Pool C as they reigned over the other teams without losing a single map. Validate Red took down RamPaGe and Volume Gaming with ease as they landed in the Winners Bracket alongside Chiefs eSports.

Pool D
Validate Black 3-0 / Garlic Bread 2-1 / Rebellious 1-2 / Dark Sided 0-3

Validate Black, the sister team to Pool C’s Validate Red, were on fire through their matches as they 3-0 swept all three other teams. Garlic Bread took second place in the pool after two tight 3-2 victories over Rebellious and Dark Sided, and both teams fell into the Losers Bracket.

Winners Bracket – Final

Tainted Minds vs. Mindfreak: 3-2

After Tainted Minds swept Validate Black and Mindfreak swept Chiefs eSports respectively in the Winners Bracket Semifinals, the two Australian contenders went head-to-head in the Winners Bracket Finals. Mindfreak were on a roll in the first two maps, where they dummied Tainted Minds 250-109 on Breakout Hardpoint and 6-2 on Retaliation Search & Destroy.

Despite Mindfreak’s initial lead, Tainted Minds rallied hard to make a comeback with a close 5-4 victory on Throwback Uplink. The tables had suddenly turned, and it was Tainted Minds that took huge wins with a 250-115 scoreline on Retaliation Hardpoint and 6-0 on Throwback S&D. As Tainted Minds managed to go from zero to hero, Mindfreak were sent to the Losers Bracket to face off against Validate Black.

Loser’s Bracket – Final

Mindfreak vs. Validate Black: 3-1

Validate Black found themselves up against the Mindfreak juggernauts in the Losers Final after they blazed through a 3-0 victory against Chiefs eSports in the last Losers Bracket series. Mindfreak doled out a vicious 250-126 win over Validate on Throwback Hardpoint, as MF’s Excite racked up 36 kills alone. Validate fought back on the second map while MF seemed to drop the ball, BuZZO in particular who had a 1-8 KDR, and took the win 6-4 on Crusher S&D.

It didn’t take long for Mindfreak to snap out of their funks from map two however, as they bounced back with a 9-5 win on Frost Uplink and a devastating 250-54 win on Breakout Hardpoint. Their victories won them the series 3-1 over Validate and launched them into the Grand Final against Tainted Minds for a chance at vengeance.

Grand Final #1

Mindfreak vs. Tainted Minds: 3-2

It was evident in the Grand Final that Mindfreak were out for blood when they faced off against Tainted Minds for the second time. While Mindfreak took the first map on Scorch Hardpoint with a 250-192 finish, Tainted Minds, whose roster features former Mindfreak player Denz, put up a valiant effort to keep pace with MF and won the second map on Retaliation S&D to make the series 1-1.

Even as Tainted Minds took the lead 2-1 after they claimed the third map on Precinct Uplink, Mindfreak managed to win the fourth map on Throwback Hardpoint with an identical 250-192 victory. MF polished off the Grand Final with a 6-3 win on Crusher S&D and sent both teams into a second series for a final showdown.

Grand Final #2

Mindfreak vs. Tainted Minds: 3-0

Game 1: Retaliation
250-231: Mindfreak

The first map on Retaliation Hardpoint saw both Australian powerhouses go neck-and-neck with each other throughout the match. As Mindfreak’s Excite and Shockz racked up 30 and 29 kills respectively, the team pushed through Tainted Minds’ intense defense and won the map 250-231.

Game 2: Scorch
6-4: Mindfreak

As Tainted Minds attempted to make a comeback from their loss in the first map, Denz contributed seven kills and a plant for the team. While they put their best efforts forward, Mindfreak’s Excite continued to shine with 13 kills, a plant and a defuse for the squad, which helped them take a 6-4 victory on the map.

Game 3: Throwback
8-6: Mindfreak

As the pressure built up on Tainted Minds, they began to falter as Denz emerged from the third map as the only member with a positive K/D. There was hope for the team as Nimble and Zeuss were both able to manage carries for Tainted Minds, but despite their efforts, Mindfreak plowed through with determination and won the final map 8-6.

After a clash of the Australian titans, Mindfreak have emerged the victors of CWL Sydney 1! Stay tuned for more action at CWL Dallas next weekend and what will almost certainly be a grudge match down the road at CWL Sydney 2 from May 11-14.

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