An event that showcased some of Europe’s best Call of Duty players, Call of Duty World League London Presented by PlayStation 4 gave fans a taste of what they can expect from Europe’s finest over the coming months of the CWL season. Hosted by Gfinity, this event saw some fresh rosters display their abilities and prove who would be worth watching out for in the competitive season.

In what turned into a clash of the titans, this event boiled down to a two-day grudge match between Splyce and Orbit. As Splyce reset the bracket with a 3-1 victory in the first series of the Grand Final, they went on to the Winner’s Final for the last series against Orbit. Despite Splyce’s valiant efforts, Orbit crushed them with a 3-0 final score and won the tournament.

Days 1, 2 & 3: Group Stage

Group A:

Splyce 3-0 / Aware Gaming 2-1 / FAB Games eSports 1-2 / Bando 0-3

To no surprise from fans, Splyce dominated their way through Group A as they swept all three other teams in their respective matches. Despite their loss to Splyce, Aware Gaming EU’s month-old roster held their own against FAB Games and Bando, which earned them a spot in the Winner’s Bracket.

Group B:

Elevate EU 3-0 / Epsilon eSports 2-1 / The Imperial 1-2 / Team IN2ITION 0-3

With last minute team swaps and drops, Group B managed to not only be the most dramatic group in the stage but also nabbed the Group of Death title. As Elevate and Epsilon were in the same group, The Imperial were only able to snag a victory from Team IN2ITION.

Group C:

Team 3G 3-0 / Orbit eSport EU 2-1 / Millenium 1-2 / Cyclone 0-3

Despite Orbit being considered one of the top teams at CWL London, it was Team 3G that dominated in Group C. With a tight 3-2 finish, 3G took the win when they faced off against Orbit on Friday. As they advanced to the Winner’s Bracket, French squads Millenium and Cyclone were left behind.

Group D:

Team Infused 3-0 / Fnatic 2-1 / Hadouken 1-2 / Black Forest Games 0-3

After a five-year hiatus from the COD scene, Group D saw the return of Fnatic, who earned themselves a spot in the Winner’s Bracket alongside Team Infused. Infused eventually took the top spot in this group, while Hadouken and BFG couldn’t keep up and found themselves eliminated.

Day 3 Cont’d: Bracket Stage

Winner’s Bracket:

Orbit vs. Splyce: 3-0
Infused vs. Epsilon: 3-1
Team 3G vs. Aware Gaming: 3-0
Elevate vs. FNATIC: 3-1

In the first match of the Winner’s Bracket, Orbit swept Splyce 3-0 with no mercy. Splyce tried to regain control in the third map on Frost Uplink, but faced a close 6-5 loss to Orbit and a knockdown to the Loser’s Bracket.

Epsilon showed their Search & Destroy A-game when they faced Infused, as they claimed the second map on Retaliation with a 6-5 final score. Unfortunately, their efforts weren’t enough to take down Infused, and were defeated 3-1 overall.

Team 3G dominated Aware Gaming through the first two maps as they claimed a 250-154 win on Breakout Hardpoint and a 6-2 victory on Retaliation S&D. Aware Gaming tried to make a comeback on Frost Uplink, but were eventually defeated 10-6 by Team 3G.


Despite Elevate’s strength on the two Hardpoint maps, FNATIC put forth a valiant effort to keep up during the S&D and Uplink games. Their determination even nabbed them a 6-5 victory over Elevate on Retaliation S&D, but wasn’t enough to win the match as Elevate eventually took the fourth map and claimed a 3-1 victory.

Loser’s Bracket:

Splyce vs. Epsilon: 3-0
Aware Gaming vs. FNATIC: 3-2

After their 3-0 loss to Orbit in the Winner’s Bracket, Splyce came back swinging in their match against Epsilon. Even with Splyce’s determination, the Retaliation Hardpoint game was tight as they won with a 250-219 scoreline. Despite a smooth 6-0 win for Splyce on Throwback S&D, Epsilon tried one last time on Precinct Uplink to stay in the tournament as they put up a valiant fight, but found themselves defeated once again with a 5-4 final score.


The match between Aware Gaming and FNATIC was a nailbiter, the two teams going back and forth on map victories. While they both put up good fights, the victory eventually went to AwG with a final 6-1 win on Crusher S&D, which pushed them to Round 2 of the Loser’s Bracket.

Day 4: Bracket Stage Round 2

Winner’s Bracket:

Elevate vs. Team 3G: 3-1
Orbit vs. Infused: 3-2

Despite Team 3G’s strong performance throughout the tournament, Elevate gained an early 2-0 lead on 3G in the series after they claimed victory on both Scorch Hardpoint and Crusher S&D. 3G brought it back in the third map with an 8-5 win on Precinct Uplink, but narrowly missed the mark in the fourth map on Retaliation Hardpoint as Elevate took the win with a 250-237 score over 3G. This win wrapped up the series 3-1 for Elevate.

Infused and Orbit both showed beastly performances in Round 2 of the Winner’s Bracket as the two teams claimed back and forth victories on each map. The third map saw Infused claim a devastating 11-3 win over Orbit on Precinct Uplink, to which Orbit bounced back with a strong 250-154 Retaliation Hardpoint victory in the fourth map. In the end, Orbit rallied for the fifth map to claim a 6-3 win on Throwback S&D, which sent them to the Winner’s Bracket Final.

Loser’s Bracket:

Splyce vs. Team 3G: 3-1
Aware Gaming vs. Infused: 3-1

In the second round of the Loser’s Bracket, Splyce took down 3G with ease as they devastated the team with a 250-155 win on Breakout Hardpoint. 3G tried to salvage the series when they took the second map with a 6-4 victory on Scorch S&D, but simply fueled Splyce further in the process, who retaliated by shutting out 3G on map three with a 14-0 win on Frost Uplink. Splyce finished off 3G with a 250-160 win on Throwback Hardpoint and continued to the third round of the Loser’s Bracket. In similar fashion to the match between Splyce and 3G, Aware Gaming tried their best to contend with Infused but simply couldn’t keep up. Aware Gaming shifted the series to a 2-1 score when they took the third map on Uplink Frost with an 8-6 win, but Infused shut them down in the fourth map and went on to face Splyce in the next round.

Winner’s Bracket Final:

Orbit vs. Elevate: 3-2

When two of the top teams at this event met in the Winner’s Bracket Final, fans knew this series could be anyone’s game. The first map on Retaliation Hardpoint was a close 250-220 finish in favour of Elevate, as the series progressed into a back and forth showdown. Orbit claimed the second map with a 6-3 win on S&D Scorch, while Elevate bounced back for the third map on Throwback Uplink with a powerful 10-4 victory. Orbit powered through the fourth map on Breakout Hardpoint with a 250-229 scoreline, avenging their earlier Hardpoint loss in the series. The fifth and final map was an incredibly tight Crusher S&D game as Elevate refused to let Orbit walk away without a fight. Despite how hard they fought, the pressure got the better of Elevate and Orbit won the map 6-4 and launched themselves into the Grand Final. Elevate would go on to the Loser’s Bracket Final, where they’d have one more shot at redemption.

Loser’s Bracket Semi-Final:

Splyce vs. Infused: 3-0

Even though Splyce initially gained a big lead on Infused in the first map on Scorch Hardpoint, Infused put all their manpower into bringing it back. Despite how close they got to catching up with Splyce, they fell short and Splyce took the win with a 250-236 final score. It seemed that Infused’s performance gave Splyce a spook and motivated them to establish dominance in the series, as Splyce went on to victory in the second and third maps on Retaliation S&D and Throwback Uplink. This earned them a spot in the Loser’s Bracket Final against Elevate.

Loser’s Bracket Final:

Splyce vs. Elevate: 3-0

This series started with devastation on behalf of Splyce as they took a 250-107 victory over Elevate on Scorch Hardpoint. They continued their reign in the series with a 6-3 win on Crusher S&D, and finished Elevate off for good in the third map with a 11-4 throwdown on Precinct Uplink. Splyce would go on to face Orbit in the Grand Final for a chance to take revenge on the team for having landed Splyce in the Loser’s Bracket to begin with.

Grand Final #1:

Splyce vs. Orbit: 3-1

After Splyce lost 3-0 to Orbit in the first round of the Winner’s Bracket, they blazed through the Loser’s Bracket to make their way back to the Grand Final. Orbit also maintained a strong performance through the Winner’s Bracket, making the Grand Final a true clash of the titans at CWL London.

Game 1: Throwback
250-243: Orbit

The map began with the two teams fighting neck and neck for dominance – Splyce would gain ten points, then Orbit would retake the area and gain 15 points for themselves. Rinse, repeat, and you have the first 50 points of the map. Splyce eventually gained a 50-point lead on Orbit, sitting at 112 points while Orbit was at 62. Orbit made strong pushes to regain their footing in the map, and despite being almost 100 points behind Splyce during the map; they took back control in the nick of time to secure a 250-243 win.

Game 2: Retaliation
6-3: Splyce

Search and Destroy on Retaliation saw both Splyce and Orbit winning rounds in a back and forth fashion – Orbit took the first, Splyce took the next two, then Orbit evened the score to 2-2. By Round 8 however, Splyce had gained the lead with a 5-2 scoreline, putting plenty of pressure on Orbit to make a comeback. In the end, their efforts just weren’t enough to take down Splyce, who took the win with a 6-3 final score.


Game 3: Frost
12-3: Splyce

Map three was a bloodbath, as neither team would let up on their opposition through the first half of Round 1. It wasn’t until three minutes into Round 1 that Orbit dunked the drone and bumped the score up to 2-0. Splyce followed suit and dunked three times in the next minute, which ended the first round with a 6-2 scoreline.

Round two saw Splyce nab another two dunks in the first minute, and Orbit crumble under pressure. In the last two minutes of play, Splyce grabbed another dunk while Orbit were only able to gain one point, as the game finished with a 12-3 final score.

Game 4: Breakout
250-237: Splyce

Orbit hit the ground running in the fourth map as they gained an early 34-11 lead over Splyce. They made it to 60 points before Splyce were able to regain control over the map as they took back the lead. Orbit found themselves paralyzed and left room for almost a 70-point lead on Splyce’s behalf. They shook off the gap before too long as they made their way to almost breaking even with Splyce at 145-165. Similarly to the first Hardpoint in this series, Orbit came roaring back into the competition every time Splyce gained a large lead. But it wasn’t enough this time around as Splyce took the victory with a 250-237 final score, resetting the bracket and sending both teams into a second best-of-five match.

Grand Final #2:

Orbit vs. Splyce: 3-0

Game 1: Scorch
250-241: Orbit

Splyce gained a 39-point lead right out the gates of the first map, as they wasted no time setting the pace on Scorch. Orbit regained the lead in a tight 88-86 scoreline over Splyce, but Splyce refused to go down without a fight and snagged it right back. The two teams fought back and forth for the upper hand, but it was Orbit that emerged victorious with a tight 250-241 finish.

Game 2: Throwback
6-1: Orbit

Despite Splyce taking the third round and attempting to break even early on, Orbit responded by dominating Splyce entirely through the rest of the map. It was easy to see that Splyce had started to run out of steam after a long day of competition as Orbit took the victory with a crushing 6-1 final scoreline.

Game 3: Precinct
11-9: Orbit

Another vicious Uplink map saw few points gained in the first three minutes of play, the score only sitting at 2-1 in favour of Orbit. By the end of Round 1, Orbit had a 6-4 lead on Splyce. Orbit continued their dominance over Splyce in Round 2, and though Splyce pushed to even the playing field, Orbit took the win with an 11-9 score and claimed CWL London for themselves.


Congratulations to the victors of CWL London: Orbit! This tournament saw nothing but intensity from top European teams, and has proven that the EU region will be a force to be reckoned with throughout the CWL.

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