Editor's note: The date for the Stage 2 Online Qualifier was moved from May 19 to the correct date of June 3.

The dates for the Last Chance Qualifiers are as follows:

EU: June 30 - July 2

APAC: July 7 - July 8

NA: July 27


As the Call of Duty World League Presented by PlayStation 4 continues to ramp up, we have a ton of new details for you about what’s in store for the season. Between the CWL Dallas Open, the CWL Global Pro League and the CWL Championship, there is a lot of great new information for you to sink your teeth into. So let’s break down what’s on the horizon for the CWL:


Though this event has already been announced, we wanted to remind everyone that CWL Dallas is the last chance to secure CWL Pro Points to qualify for Stage 1 of the CWL Global Pro League. Dallas will see 16 teams start in Pool Play and 160 teams in an open bracket brawl to the finish, all competing for a $200,000 prize pool. It is also mandatory for teams to register for CWL Dallas Open to be eligible to compete in Stage 1 of the CWL Global Pro League.


Now, onto some of the information we know you’ve been waiting for – the dates and numbers for the CWL Global Pro League! The setup will see similarities to last year’s debut of the CWL, as the Global Pro League will take also place in two stages.

Stage 1

Stage 1 will consist of nine North America teams, six European teams and one Asia/Pacific team, and all travel and accommodations for qualifying teams will be covered. Each player will collect over $3,000 as part of the regular season prize pool of $200,000.  Make it through your pool and you can compete for an additional $500,000.  This means Stage 1 will total a whopping $700,000 in total prizes.  All prizing is subject to all applicable rules and eligibility requirements for the Global Pro League. 

The 16 teams will be split into four pools, and starting April 20, four back-to-back weekends of competitive play will take place. Each weekend will be devoted to one pool at a time – the top two teams from each pool will advance to the playoffs, the third place team won’t make playoffs but will earn a spot in Stage 2, while the fourth place team will go to the Relegation Playoffs happening just before the CWL Anaheim Open.  More news on the relegation playoffs to follow.

The Stage 1 Playoffs are set to take place May 25-28 when the top eight teams go head to head in a double elimination bracket.


The next key phase in the season will be a round of Online Qualifiers, set to take place June 3rd. Each region will have its own online tournament where 16 teams will battle it out for a chance to take part in the relegation playoffs.  Teams will also be a part of the CWL Anaheim Open, hosted by MLG. Win your playoff and you will qualify for Stage 2 of the CWL Global Pro League. The 16 teams participating in each region’s online tournament will be decided based on CWL Pro Point standings as of June 1.

Two NA teams, one EU team and one APAC team will emerge from these Online Qualifiers. They will then face off against the last place teams from Stage 1 on June 15, the day before the CWL Anaheim Open, in the Relegation Playoffs. All teams will earn spots to CWL Anaheim Open – the four teams from the Online Qualifiers will secure a spot in Pool Play, while the teams that fail to qualify for Stage 2 will earn passes to the open bracket.

Stage 2

Once Anaheim wraps up, the four teams that made it through the Relegation Playoffs will join the 12 teams from Stage 1 in Stage 2. The 16 teams in Stage 2 will automatically qualify for Champs and will fill the top two seeds in Pool Play.

Stage 2 will see an identical setup to Stage 1: four back-to-back weekends of competitive play, going one Pool at a time each weekend and will start on June 29. Once again players will secure a prize of over $3,000 each as part of the Stage 2 regular season prize pool of $200,000.  The Stage 2 Playoffs will take place July 27-30, where the top eight teams will fight it out for another $500,000 prize pool at the MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio.  This is a total of $1,400,000 available across both stages the CWL Global Pro League. 

Finally every team that qualifies for Stage 2 of the CWL Global Pro League will also secure their place at the 2017 CWL Championships.


For the teams who want to compete at the CWL Championship but didn’t qualify for Stage 2, there’s still hope to be found in the Last Chance Qualifiers. Each region will have its own LCQ event, taking place as follows:

·       EU: Runs June 30 - July 2 at the Gfinity Arena in London. The top 16 teams from Europe based on CWL Pro Points will battle it out, and the top six teams from the event will go to Champs.

·       APAC: Runs July 7-8 in Melbourne, Australia. The top 16 teams from the Asia/Pacific region based on CWL Pro Points will compete, and the top two teams will head to Champs.

·       NA: Set for July 27 at the MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio, where the top 16 North American teams based on CWL Pro Points will compete for a chance to be one of the eight teams sent to Champs from this qualifier.


Now, the intel you’ve all been hungry for: The CWL  Championship. The biggest event of the year will run in August with 32 teams from around the world competing for a $1.5 million dollar prize pool, bringing the yearly total prize pool to $4 million. Additionally, the player named MVP will receive a $25,000 prize.

While this year’s Championship prize pool is lower than last year, we asked the pro players for input, and they said they would prefer more tournaments throughout the year with bigger pools instead of one massive prize at CWL Champs. With that feedback in mind, we’ve committed to supporting teams with logistical support throughout the year and we made CWL Atlanta, CWL Paris, CWL Dallas and CWL Anaheim bigger and better than before, and invested more into the Global Pro League. 

We’re beyond excited to see how these events play out over the next few months, and to see which teams come out on top. Best of luck to everyone, and keep your eyes out for more updates on callofduty.com!

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