FaZe clinched the first Infinite Warfare LAN tournament at this weekend’s PlayStation Experience Invitational. At this early point in the season, strong performances set the stage for the year ahead. Europe impressed through Orbit’s triple weekend sweep, but it wasn’t enough to overcome a hyped FaZe squad.

This is how it all went down:

Losers Finals

Orbit def. Renegades 3-0

Sunday started with back-to-back NA versus EU elimination matches. Orbit swept Renegades in commanding fashion, taking Scorch Hardpoint 250-97, Throwback S&D 6-1, and Frost Uplink 6-1. This series solidified Orbit as a powerhouse Sunday presence.

Rise def. Elevate 3-2

Rise and Elevate fought a highly contested five game series, starting with a 250-249 Rise win on Scorch Hardpoint. Rise started the map strong but nearly lost after a total collapse in the second half. The squads traded map wins up to Game 5, when Elevate finally crumbled under a total shutout on Crusher S&D.


Orbit def. Luminosity 3-0

Orbit sustained their momentum with a surprise sweep over the favored Luminosity. Zer0 stepped up as Orbit’s star player, finishing Breakout HP with full streaks and a 43/24 KD, pulling consistent plays through the series. Orbit ended the series on a high note with a Warden in the air shutting down the Luminosity squad on Throwback Uplink.

FaZe def. Rise Nation 3-1

After a difficult Day 1, Rise Nation’s hopes of returning with vengeance were dashed as FaZe dominated. Zooma started hot with a 45/37 KD and 1:43 in the hill on Breakout Hardpoint, while Clayster kept the team hyped map after map. Rise showed some promise in Retaliation S&D with a 13/6 KD performance by Felony, but it wasn’t enough to stand up to FaZe’s total control.

Grand Final

Faze def. Orbit 3-1

Once again, Europe faced off against North America in the grand final. While FaZe entered the series undefeated, Orbit came in with a double sweep on their Sunday record, ready to unseat NA.

Orbit took control in Game 1 Scorch Hardpoint, with Joe earning a 46/32 KD and 1:51 hill time. They looked to continue their lead in Game 2 Crusher S&D when FaZe countered from a 4-1 deficit. From that moment, FaZe came alive and rolled Orbit three maps in a row. Orbit’s Joe and Rated struggled to keep up when they were needed most, but regardless of the loss, Orbit established themselves a team to watch in the coming year.

Congratulations to Clayster, Zooma, Enable and Attach on FaZe’s championship win at the PSX Invitational. Tune in for MLG Vegas, featuring the largest open bracket in Call of Duty history, taking place December 16-18 at MLG.tv/Vegas.

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