The boys in blue battled through four days of competitive Call of Duty without dropping a single series. Jkap earned his second Champs ring in a row, John walked away with the MVP trophy, and the squad claimed $800,000 of a $2 million prize pool, the largest prize purse in Call of Duty history. Splyce smashed EU records in an upset Losers Bracket run that brought them all the way to the Grand Finals, a first in Champs history.

Let’s see how Championship Sunday played out:

Losers Bracket Semifinal

Splyce def. FAB Games 3-1:

Splyce and FAB started the day off in an EU series to determine which squad would compete in the Losers Bracket finals. While Splyce was the favored team, FAB showed hints of an upset with a 250-213 victory in Game 1’s Evac Hardpoint. Splyce quickly crushed expectations, however, moving on to establish a dominant early day presence with a 6-0 Breach S&D, 19-8 Fringe Uplink and 3-0 Stronghold Capture the Flag victory.

Winners Bracket Final

EnVyUs def. eLevate 3-2:

Powerhouse NA teams EnVyUs and eLevate faced off in the Winners Bracket final in a heated five-game series that saw EnVyUs take the lead with a dominant 250-100 Evac Hardpoint, shutting out eLevate’s Faccento into a dismal 7/28 KD performance. eLevate, renowned for their top tier S&D play, responded 6-3 in Breach S&D and then turned around an EnVy lead in Fringe Uplink to win it 11-10, forcing EnVy’s first Uplink loss in the tournament.

eLevate’s hopes ended there, as the boys in blue swung back to victory with 4-2 CtF and 6-2 S&D wins. EnVyUs thus secured their spot in the Grand Finals, while eLevate and Splyce battled in the Losers Bracket final to see who would challenge them for the title of World Champions.

Already, Jkap and Apathy felt confident in the squad’s readiness for the final series:

“Our communication has been amazing.” – Jkap

“I’m just really confident with this squad, I’m surrounded by amazing players.” – Apathy

Losers Bracket Final

Splyce def. eLevate 3-0:

Just when the analysts were surprised enough that Splyce made it as the first EU team into the top three, Bance, Joee, Joshh and Rated proved their might yet again by sweeping eLevate in the Losers Bracket final.

It didn’t seem that way from the start, with eLevate doubling their lead in Stronghold Hardpoint before Splyce clutched up for the lead change and battled relentlessly to a 250-208 finish. eLevate appeared to redeem themselves with a 4-2 lead in Game 2 Hunted S&D until Splyce responded with four round wins a row, with Bance closing out the map in a major 1v2 Glitch play.

Splyce’s confidence ran high heading into Infection Uplink, where the EU squad impressed with total map control to win Game 3 with a 17-10 score line, earning their ticket to the Grand Finals. Splyce MVP Bance was as shocked as anyone else when asked about their incredible run:

“I have no words for what just happened.” – Bance

“We won five or six games in a row, we can beat anyone.” – Joshh

Championship Sunday Grand Final

Prior to the match, Treyarch Studio Design Director David Vonderhaar shared his excitement for the upcoming final.

“We’ve been working on this game for four years. How awesome is it to have a European vs. North American match? From everyone at Treyarch, we thank you so much.” – David Vonderhaar

EnVyUs def. Splyce 3-1:

In a California venue, the spectator allegiance was undeniable: “USA! USA!” Coming in from the Losers Bracket, Splyce would have to defeat EnVyUs in two straight series to take home the trophy, but the EU boys entered the Grand Final in fighting form off the back of six straight map wins. Here’s how it all went down:

Game 1: Fringe Hardpoint

EnVy star player John came out hot with a 14/4 KD and full streaks in the opening minute of play to begin what seemed like a smashing victory against Splyce. As Splyce’s hopes appeared dismal, however, Joee countered with a major mid-map play, tearing into a six-streak to earn full streaks and return from an 80-point to a ten-point difference. EnVy tried to regain their massive lead, but to no avail, as Splyce soon caught up and surpassed them for a 250-196 upset.

Game 2: Stronghold Search & Destroy

Game 2’s Stronghold S&D spelled out the end of Splyce’s map streak as John took the first round in a 1v1 that set him off for the Overdrive ability in Round 2. Splyce hung in for a 2-2 draw heading into Round 5, but EnVy proved to be in better form as they progressed to a 6-2 finish.

Game 3: Evac Uplink

EnVy entered Evac Uplink hot off their Game 2 victory to finish Uplink with an 8-3 lead at the half. Splyce rallied to ten points in the second half, nearly countering EnVy for their second series win until their hopes diminished at the end as EnVy fought back to a 13-10 victory.

Game 4: Breach Capture the Flag

Splyce showed potential once again as Bance opened CtF with a three-streak right out of the gate, but their hopes ended there. After defeating the likes of OpTic, FaZe, FAB and eLevate, the EnVy squad would not let their match point slip. EnVy closed the half with a 2-0 lead and kept up the punishment throughout, securing four total caps, including three from Apathy and four returns from John to win the map 4-2.

“I can’t find the words…there’s been noticeable progress with this team, and it paid off.” – Jkap

Congratulation to EnVyUs, the undisputed champions of the Call of Duty World League Championship, presented by PlayStation 4!

Treyarch congratulates EnVy

Celebrating the studio’s 20th year anniversary and the conclusion of the biggest competitive Call of Duty tournament to date, Treyarch’s Studio Head Mark Lamia took to the stage to congratulate the world champions and thank everyone for their commitment to the World League.

“It’s a bit of a dream for all of us. We’ve been working for a long time to make Call of Duty what it is. This championship’s been at least half a decade in the making. I’m proud of this organization and I want to thank all of you for supporting Call of Duty. On behalf of Treyarch and Activision, we have new world champions!” – Mark Lamia

Thank you to all of the teams, casters, analysts, production crew, spectators and everyone else involved with an incredible inaugural year.

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