Success is a fickle companion.

Dream Team and H2k both finished Stage 1 with a disappointing 7-15 record, forced to battle through relegation for re-entry to Stage 2.

Dream Team just barely pulled through a Game 7 fight against Cloud9 Eclipse, punching their ticket to Stage 2 on the outcome of a final Round 11 S&D. H2k faced off against Team Liquid in relegation, trailing by a despairing 0-3 series score before rallying to an unbelievable reverse sweep.

While other squads switched players like cards, Dream Team and H2k held firm, with zero roster changes through Stage 2. It’s paying off for them both.

At the beginning of Week 5, they’ve topped the North American leaderboards at 5-1, each enjoying a five-series win streak. In a battle between the two, so similarly ranked in both their failures and successes, the outcome is anything but certain. 

With standings above heavy-hitters FaZe, Rise Nation and regional kings OpTic Gaming, Dream Team and H2k are enjoying a welcome time in the spotlight, shaking up expectations heading into the midpoint of Stage 2 competition. Watch this Match of the Week to see who maintains their trajectory and who falls.

Dream Team

Dream Team hosts an experienced lineup, with Chino, KiLLa, Sender and Diabolic all having competed at least as far back as Black Ops 2. KiLLa won Call of Duty Championship 2013 with Fariko Impact, providing invaluable big stage composure. Despite their 7-15 record in Stage 1, the squad has finally hit their stride and the experience is paying off.


H2k joined the Call of Duty World League in January after acquiring the Apotheon Esports roster of FEARS, LegaL, PHiZZURP and Lacefield. While they started off Stage 1 with a three-series win streak, they ended with a six consecutive series losses. Like Dream Team, the odds weren’t looking good going into relegation, but now they’re number one.

Tune in for the Dream Team vs. H2k Match of the Week on Wednesday, May 18th at 2:00 PDT/5:00 EDT.

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