It’s not easy being in the middle of the pack. Each and every matchup will dictate where you fall against teams struggling to leave you in their dust.

Take compLexity, for example – they finished with a 10-12 record in Stage 1 of the Call of Duty World League, Presented by PlayStation 4, missing the relegation zone by just two wins. It’s easy to forget that as of Week 8, compLexity had a 10-6 record with a match win percentage of 63.2%. They lost every match afterwards.

eLevate on the other hand was the picture of consistency in Stage 1. They continuously beat the teams they were expected to beat, and lost to the teams that were predicted to beat them. Interestingly enough, eLevate lost to compLexity in Week 5 1-3, but beat them 3-1 during compLexity’s nosedive in Week 11.

The teams are just warming up now in Week 2 of Stage 2, but early losses and wins can make a big difference to future performance. Both teams need the win, and with similar standings in the CWL, the outcome of this Match of the Week can mean a big difference in morale going forward.

compLexity Gaming

compLexity Gaming is a storied organization in the Call of Duty esports scene. While their roster is completely different from their 2014 Call of Duty Championship winning lineup, Goonjar, MiRx, Ricky, and Nameless are anything but new to the scene. Among their top accolades, MiRx claimed 1st place at the 2013 COD Champs, and Nameless earned a major 1st place finish in the 2014 Season 3 Playoffs. With veteran player Goonjar joining shortly into Stage 2, compLexity is hoping for a stronger team dynamic to improve their placement from the previous stage.

Team eLevate

Closing out Stage 1 in 4th, Team eLevate has floated just below the North America heavy hitters for most of the Black Ops 3 season. The team recently replaced Remy with FeLonY, adding a fresh face to the Stage 1 roster of Faccento, Nagafen and AquA. Those three players were part of the Team Revenge lineup that finished 2nd at the 2015 COD Champs, so expectations are high for this year. Nagafen has been the standout player for the squad so far, esteemed for his clutch plays and strong game awareness.

Tune in for the compLexity Gaming vs. Team eLevate Match of the Week on Thursday April 28th at 5pm PDT/8 pm EDT.

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