Call of Duty® 2013 Championship, presented by Xbox

The 1st annual Call of Duty® Championship, was presented by Xbox, took place on April 5-7 in Los Angeles. 32 of the world’s top 4-person teams qualified to compete on Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2 for a share of $1 Million.



32 teams from six continents competed in the Call of Duty ® Championship, presented by Xbox. In the end, Fariko Impact defeated EnVyUs to win $400,000 and the title of Call of Duty® Champion!

Because the two teams had played previously in the Upper Bracket final, the Championship match was continued from their previous result of 3-2 into a best of 11, with EnVyUs in the lead.

The momentum seemed to have swung in Fariko Impact's favor, as they took command in the next map, Hardpoint on Hijacked. The match was highlighted by Fariko Impact's Parasite, who controlled the underground Hardpoint with a nine kill streak with his shotgun. Fariko Impact won the map with a commanding 244-138 result, giving them a 4-3 map lead.


After dropping two maps in a row, EnVyUs needed to respond in Search & Destroy on Express. EnVyUs had amazing work around the bomb sites, highlighted by a ninja defuse by Rambo Ray. EnVyUs' 5-1 round lead would be too much for Fariko Impact, as they would eventually take the map with a final score of 6-3. That meant the overall matchup was now tied 4-4.


The next map was CTF on Standoff, which was defined by strong defensive efforts from both teams. Fariko Impact would put it together in the 1st round, with Killa leading his teammates to a successful flag capture in the 1st round. That would be the only score of the game, as Fariko Impact went up 5-4 in the map count.


As the two teams entered Hardpoint on Raid, Fariko Impact's dominant performance on Hijacked was on everyone's minds. But EnVyUs would come out surprisingly strong, building an early lead on the initial Hardpoints. The MVP on this map was EnVyUs' Proofy, who ended with an astounding 20 defends. EnVyUs would hold on to win 222-205, tying the matchup at 5-5.


That would bring the decision to a Search & Destroy match on Meltdown. There were highlights on both sides: EnVyUs' Rambo Ray had a round ace in the 2nd round, while Fariko Impact's Mirx had a semtex/gun double kill to win the 4th round. In the deciding 10th round though, it was Fariko Impact's Parasite who would make a crucial bomb plant at A. That would come into play in the final 1v1 confrontation, where EnVyUs's Proofy was forced to make a play on the bomb. This gave Fariko Impact's Killa an opening to down Proofy as he was defusing the bomb, clinching Fariko Impact the Championship match victory in the Call of Duty® Championship, presented by Xbox!

2013 Call of Duty® Championship Final Results

  1. 1st Fariko Impact - $400,000

  2. 2nd EnVyUs - $200,000

  3. 3rd OpTic Gaming - $120,000

  4. 4th CompLexity - $100,000

  5. 5th FeaR - $70,000

  6. 6th Epsilon - $50,000

  7. 7th vVv Gaming - $35,000

  8. 8th InFerno - $25,000