ANZ Pro Division - Week 6, Day 2

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  • North America NA
  • Europe EU
  • Australia/New Zealand ANZ
  • Stage 2 Standings

  • Stage 2 Standings

  • Stage 2 Standings

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    PS4 Top 5 - Week 4

    This week’s Top 5 Plays include a four-man Dart streak and a buzzer beater comeback in Uplink. Check out this week's top plays from the Call of Duty World League Pro Division presented by PlayStation 4.
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    Stage 2 Week 4 Recap

    Through Week 4 of the Call of Duty World League, Presented by PlayStation 4, there are some surprising names atop each of the three regions...

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    Week 5: Dream Team vs. H2k

    Dream Team and H2k both finished Stage 1 with a disappointing 7-15 record, forced to battle through relegation for re-entry to Stage 2. In a battle between the two, so similarly ranked in both their failures and successes, the outcome is anything but certain.


  • Player Profile

    Nikolai "Kritikal" Seth

    Kritikal had his first taste of professional competition in Call of Duty Championship 2013 on an older Mindfreak squad. Watch Kritikal's thoughts about returning to the pro scene...

  • Team Profile

    Overcoming Powerhouse OpTic Gaming

    In 2014, co-owner Kahreem Horsley pitched the idea of forming Rise Nation to his friend NLF star Rodger Saffold. Two years later, the team is finally starting to pay off as the best possible squad to take out seemingly unstoppable rival OpTic Gaming.
  • Player Profile

    David "Urban" Marsh

    Urban has played alongside teammates MarkyB, Peatie and Zer0 since the end of the Advanced Warfare pro season. Learn about his pro circuit early beginnings...