Unlock the Smoke Bomber Class for Call of Duty®: Mobile Battle Royale

Earn a new Battle Royale Class this week and get some tips and tricks for using it in battle

Unlock the Smoke Bomber Class for Call of Duty®: Mobile Battle Royale

Earn a new Battle Royale Class this week and get some tips and tricks for using it in battle

Smoke the competition with the new Smoke Bomber class in Call of Duty: Mobile. Earned during the seventh season of Call of Duty: Mobile – Radioactive Agent, the Smoke Bomber is a tool of confusion, recon, and precision to help you conquer the enemy. 

Read on for tips and intel on how to add the Smoke Bomber to your arsenal. 

Smoke Bomber Overview

The Smoke Bomber class uses a combination of stealth and recon to shield you from enemies and expose them amidst the smoke. It can surprise opponents and be used to protect your movements or confuse and eliminate an incoming threat. 

The Smoke Bomber’s active ability, the Cluster Smoke Grenade, is a tossable piece of tactical equipment that shrouds the target area in smoke. Use it to cover an area, protect a teammate, or obscure the vision of a foe. The passive ability is Smoke Perspective which makes the enemy visible in the smoke for an easy takedown. 

If you are using the Smoke Bomber Class for its defensive assistance, you’ll also get increased movement speed while being attacked. This way you can throw the Cluster Smoke Grenade and evade the enemy or reposition to heal up and re-enter the fight. 

How to Unlock the Smoke Bomber

To use the Smoke Bomber class in battle you must complete a series of task to earn the class. Go to Events tab and select Featured to view the Smoke Bomber challenge. Once there, you’ll see a list of tasks to complete and rewards you can earn along the way. The tasks are all Battle Royale focused, so jump into a match and start completing those challenges. 

Now here’s some tips to using the Smoke Bomber class, once you’ve earned it. 


5 Tips for Mastering the Smoke Bomber Class

1. Offense and Defense. Play offense by using both Smoke Bomber abilities and pick off enemies in the Smoke or toss the Cluster Smoke Grenade enter the cloud and reposition without revealing yourself to enemies.  

2. Tricky Tactics. Since the smoke is so visible, you can also consider using it as a tactic of confusion. Throw it away from the enemy, not to at them, to distract and fire away when the turn to get a closer look. 

3. Be the Smoke. Combine the offensive and defensive by tossing it at enemies, entering the Smoke, and dusting anyone caught in the cloud. 

4. Perfect the Throw: The Cluster Smoke Grenade arc and release is similar to a Frag Grenade or Concussion. Consider this when you toss and bank the grenade off of surfaces when needed. The arc is visible when you hold the throw button. 

5. Complementary Loadouts: Try and make sure your loadout works well with your plans to use the Smoke Bomber. Using it with enemies up close? Equip an SMG for a quick ADS to polish off foes. Giving yourself more range with your Cluster Smoke Grenade? Have an LMG ready to rip into multiple enemies without the need to reload. 

Head to the Featured Tab in the Events section to view the tasks for the Smoke Bomber Class, then complete the objectives to use it in battle. 

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