Pros Take Over MLG Arena for Blackout After Dark

Some friends are going to drop in and play Blackout at the MLG Arena: Watch them tonight on Twitch.

by David Hodgson on February 22, 2019

What are your plans for tonight? Why not cozy up with the lights off and watch a variety of casters and Pro Players take on Blackout? Drop in on Blackout After Dark, streaming today (February 22) from 6 PM – 11 PM EST (3 PM – 8 PM PST) on the Call of Duty Twitch channel.

Over the course of this five-hour broadcast, expect to watch duos made up of Pro Players (playing in Quads) in epic head-to-head matches, where kills are the only scores that count. Expect a good mix of players, dialed-up and focused action, but with a more laid-back attitude. Division B teams in Columbus, OH are set to explore all the new content from the most recent Blackout map update (including Ghost Town and other environmental additions from Operation: Grand Heist). There might even be an impromptu game of Hot Pursuit, too!

Join us for a Friday night of mayhem in Blackout After Dark: We’ve left the light off for you.

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