Blackout Spotlight: Ground Rules for Ground War in Blackout

Feel like making friends in Blackout? How about 49 of them? Welcome to Blackout Ground War, the latest mode in Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4.

Blackout Spotlight: Ground Rules for Ground War in Blackout

Feel like making friends in Blackout? How about 49 of them? Welcome to Blackout Ground War, the latest mode in Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4.

Blackout now has the ultimate version of Ground War: a 50v50 skirmish that is an all-out firefight all the way to the finish. Up to 50 players per team drop in for this fight, and with respawns on, players will drop back in with a standard loadout each redeploy as the circle collapses up to the grand finale. Look for a change to the loadouts to include an MX9, ammo, and first aid.

Here are a few tips for those who want to drop into this massive team fight:

In Ground War, there is a Red Team and a Blue Team.

Both teams or platoons have a separate dropship route, which is randomly generated at the start of a match. These ships will be fairly far apart, but never on opposite sides of the map. Look for the distance to increase slightly in future Ground War updates.

Not only should you keep your own platoon’s drop pattern in mind, but also the opposing platoon’s, as it can definitely change the pace and strategy of a game.

Is the enemy team’s dropship crossing over a named location before your team’s? Consider that area a dangerous zone to drop in, as your team might be outnumbered. Are the flight paths leading over large open areas? It may be wise to find long-range weaponry to account for a lack of cover, as the two sides may end up on opposite ends of the safe zone.

Want to experience the hottest of drops? Consider deploying behind enemy lines and be prepared for a fight.

Squad up in a Quad

Heading into this playlist, you may want to come with three friends, as you’ll be grouped up together in a (S)Quad for communication purposes.

In Ground War, being on the same page within your squad is essentially being in tune with the rest of the group. All players, in theory, are going to gravitate towards the safe zone, and the other squads are going to have their own strategies (or lack thereof) to get to that point and set up for the big fight.

Your Quad is also the source for respawns; if an entire squad dies, nobody can respawn back in for that map, and the platoon effectively loses four players.

Should only one player be left alive in your Quad, and there are still some respawns to go, consider urging them to stay alive so you and your other Quad-mates can drop back in.

Outside the Quad: Be a Hero

Friendly players are marked on your map with an icon above their in-game character, so you can recognize players on your platoon. An entire 50-person team is rarely going to be in the same room at the same time, yet at times, there may be a member or two of another friendly Quad nearby.

In Ground War, communication channels are set-up within a Quad, so you can’t communicate with other Quads on your platoon. However, it is possible to see one thing: someone on your platoon going down.

It is possible to revive any friendly player on the map, as well as drop First Aid and other healing items for them to use. Consider helping teammates outside of the Quad as a 50-person team working in tandem is a deadly force.

And plus, you might just make someone’s day by unexpectedly picking them up after a tough fall.

The Big Team Fight

The big moment of Ground War : when the final circle collapses and there is nowhere to hide, a 50 vs. 50 epic battle happens…

There is no shame in saving resources for the end of a Ground War game, even if it means letting a whole Quad – or what seems to be a Quad – roll by unscathed. The more players that are still alive at the final collapse of a Ground War game, the less likely your team is going to lose a battle of the numbers.

Teamwork, patience, and resource management are all great things to consider utilizing as you get deeper into a Ground War game….

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