Stage 2 of the CWL Pro League, Presented by PlayStation®4, began Division A play on May 15, signaling the beginning of the homestretch before the 2018 CWL Championship in August.

Here are the current Division A standings through one week of play:

While every team had a story to tell after three days of play, here are some of the highlights of Stage 2’s opening week:

The Reserve Paint MLG Arena Red

Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall made his mark as the new member of the Red Reserve (1st, 3-0, 9-3), helping the European squad earn three straight wins in Division A’s first week.

Red pushed around their regional rivals in week one, dominating Splyce (6th, 1-3, 6-11) and Epsilon eSports (8th, 0-3, 2-9), making their case for being Europe’s top CWL squad.

Skrapz gave Red Reserve enough power to win each Search and Destroy they played this week, including one game against Team Kaliber (2nd, 3-1, 11-8) where he put up strong stats versus a perennial contender.

The only weakness Skrapz and company had during their undefeated streak was in Capture the Flag, as they failed to score a single point against Epsilon or Team Kaliber. Given that their only CTF win this week was against Splyce, another team who faced a similar struggle in the mode, they may want to use the upcoming weekend to get their bearings in this mode.

Stage 1 Champions FaZe Struggle

Just over a month ago, FaZe Clan (7th, 0-3, 3-9) hoisted the Stage 1 trophy in front of an MLG Arena Playoffs crowd, celebrating their incredible Loser’s Bracket run and decisive ten-game slugfest against OpTic Gaming in the Grand Finals.

After one week of Stage 2 play, that same team sits at the bottom of the Division A standings.

Their competition was anything but easy in Week One. A gauntlet of matches versus the refreshed and updated rosters of Team EnVyUs (4th, 2-1, 8-3), CWL Seattle runners-up Evil Geniuses (5th, 2-2, 10-9), and Team Kaliber closed out FaZe Clan’s hopes for a win this week.

FaZe’s S&D play displayed promise, mainly due to strong play from Dillon "Attach" Price and Thomas "ZooMaa" Paparatto in the mode. However, FaZe’s respawn game showed an inability to close out against tK while up 2-0 in their series.

There are still three more weeks left to play in the Pro League, so FaZe, as well as their fellow winless team Epsilon, still have plenty of time to turn around a weak opening to their Stage 2 campaigns.

Kenny’s Clutch Play Drives the CWL Wild

Among the week’s top performers, Kenny “Kenny” Williams stole the show by giving Team Kaliber an incredible win in an HP on Gibraltar against Echo Fox (3rd, 3-1, 11-8) on the first day of Stage 2.

After that moment, CWL pro players and personalities lost their minds over Kenny’s game-winning play.

Team Kaliber went on to win that series 3-2.

Division A will finish its first rotation of games next week from May 22 to May 24. You can catch all of the action starting at 11:00 AM PDT / 2:00 PM EDT on and

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