In the smaller competitive pool of the Australia/New Zealand region, every team knows every other, and every advantage is taken to lead the pack. In World League Stage 1, those leaders were Mindfreak and Tainted Minds. At the close of Stage 2 regular play, however, the balance is shifting.

The Stage 2 Finals, taking place from July 14th – 17th in Burbank, California will test the region’s top four teams in an intraregional battle for the top. The contenders for this tournament are Orbit, Mindfreak, The Chiefs, and Team Immunity.

Let’s take a look at the four competing teams and what to watch for in their Stage 2 presence: 

#1) Orbit (12-2)

Orbit set World League records with an amazing 7-0 start to Stage 1, only to break it with a 9-0 blast through Stage 2 that shot them up to the top of the standings. Teammates Swiftaz0r and Nimble make a formidable slaying duo, and have only improved since Bacabec and Zeuss joined from Team Immunity earlier in the year.

“I enjoy my teammates, and if anything, I play just because of the people I play with.” – Swiftaz0r

If Orbit retains their form heading into the Stage 2 Finals, ANZ may very likely present a new champion.

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#2) Mindfreak (11-3)

Stage 1 Playoffs winner Mindreak may have fallen to second in Stage 2, but they’re hardly out of the running. Considered the premier ANZ team with a string of first place regional victories, the squad of BuZZO, Shockz, Fighta, and Denz has been competing side by side since the start of the Advanced Warfare competitive season. Their experience and expertise will present the greatest threat to opposing teams at the Stage 2 Finals.

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#3) The Chiefs (11-3)

The Chiefs formed just prior to the start of the Call of Duty World League but fell into Stage 1 Relegation with a difficult 7-7 finish. They fought their way back into Stage 2 with a 4-0 sweep against relegation opponent Rival E-sports, however, and managed to rally for a much more impressive 11-3 Stage 2 standing. Tied with Mindfreak and closing out with a six-series win streak, the Chiefs are on fire and eager to prove their ability in the Stage 2 Finals.

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#4) Team Immunity (8-6)

As the Chiefs rose in the standings, ANZ Stage 1 runners-up Tainted Minds fell below the line to make way for Team Immunity in the Stage 2 Finals. With an 8-6 finish, the squad of Azzi, Excite, Guydra, and Killerpi3 has their work cut out for them. In the narrow four-team ANZ region, however, an upset is entirely within the realm of possibility.

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Tune in for the Stage 2 Finals

The Stage 2 Finals will take place in Burbank, California from July 14th-17th. Tune in to all matches live here at,, or YouTube. For on-site seating, purchase live tickets here. 

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