Here’s what happened in each of Saturday’s six games:

EnVy, Rise Exit Playoffs in First Losers Round

FaZe Clan and Team EnVyUs kicked off the playoff’s Losers Bracket with a nail-biting Hardpoint on London Docks. There, Austin "SlasheR" Liddicoat led the Boys in Blue to a 250-249 win by making a last-second dive on the game’s final hill.

The teams ended up settling the series in game five, where FaZe’s Preston "Priestahh" Greiner made multiple clutch plays to help his team move on to the Losers Quarterfinals.

In the other Losers First Round match, CWL Atlanta Open Champions Rise Nation fought Atlanta runners-up Red Reserve in a five game grudge match.

After Rise took the opening HP by over 100 points, the two teams fought in an 11-round S&D, a CTF that was settled in overtime, and an HP on Ardennes Forest where Red sent the series to game five in unbelievable fashion.

In game five, an S&D on London Docks, Red completed their quest for retribution by rolling through Rise in only seven rounds.

Luminosity, OpTic Advance to Winners Finals

Luminosity Gaming stumbled early in the playoff’s first Winners Semifinals match against eUnited, losing 250-197 in game one, an HP on Gibraltar, due to Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson’s 40-kill performance.

The CWL Birmingham champions retaliated with a 6-4 win in an S&D on London Docks. Luminosity then took home a CTF on Ardennes Forest by a single flag capture and punched their ticket to the Winners Finals with a 250-151 victory in an HP on London Docks.

OpTic Gaming will join LG in the Winners Finals after sweeping Team Kaliber into the Losers Bracket.

The sweep was not easy for OpTic, as Team Kaliber outshot them in the opening HP on London Docks and forced a round 11 in an S&D on Ardennes Forest. Ultimately, the Green Wall stood tall, clutching up in that 11th round and crushing tK 5-1 in the series’ final game, a CTF on Flak Tower.

FaZe Clean Up eUnited, tK Find Second Wind

FaZe continued to advance through the playoffs the hard way, winning another Losers Bracket series in five games. This time, they traded wins with eUnited until the deciding game, an S&D on London Docks.

In that game five, eUnited had a stockpile of streaks by the eighth round. Unfortunately, none of those streaks could hit anyone on FaZe.

eUnited lost the following two rounds, putting an end to their Stage 1 season with a top-six finish.

While eUnited could not rebound from their Winners Semifinals loss, Team Kaliber recovered quickly by sweeping Red.

After nearly sending the Europeans into the 100-point club in an HP on Gibraltar, tK took an S&D on USS Texas in strong fashion. Dylan “Theroy” McGee found one clip for the CWL highlight reel in this game, earning streaks by hitting a jumpshot on Trei “Zer0” Morris.

Team Kaliber then dominated Red 6-1 in a CTF on Ardennes Forest, guaranteeing themselves a top-four placement in Stage 1.

The Stage 1 Playoffs’ Championship Sunday will begin with FaZe and tK playing in the Losers Semifinals at 1:00 PM ET / 10 AM PT, followed by OpTic and LG fighting for a place in the Stage 1 Grand Finals. You can watch the playoffs live at, where you can watch all CWL broadcasts in source quality video, engage with fellow fans in the Scorestreak mini-game, and see real-time player statistics.

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