CWL: Who is this team, and why are they the team to watch at the Call of Duty World League Presented by PlayStation® 4 MLG Las Vegas Open?

Jack: I’d love to start this one off, because – this is the kickoff of the CWL 2017 season but EnVy have had an interesting start to Infinite Warfare because of personal stuff going on. Apathy gets married, (congratulations Apathy!) - he goes on a wonderful honeymoon, but the big thing is – he misses out on a lot of practice time. Clint and I were watching scrims this week and I know scrims don’t mean everything but you could just tell Apathy was a little bit behind – wasn’t exactly up to date with how certain things need to be played. At times he kind of just looked lost on the map with where his team needed him to be, and Apathy is a very talented player - hell, they won champs – but you could tell right now I think EnVy are lacking a little bit of practice coming into a major event like this.

Matt: I think they’ll be fine though.

Clint: … I don’t at all. I actually am really worried about this team. Just watching scrims yesterday, they didn’t look good at all, especially in Hardpoint, so -

Jack: Didn’t you ask JKap, like - “Is everything alright?” or something like that? (laughs)

Clint: Well yeah! Yeah I messaged him and I’m like “Dude I’m watching Apathy stream, and he seems like he’s a little bit lost, just getting caught sprinting a lot – he seems frustrated, so yeah! The game’s been out what, a month and a half? And teams have only been scrimming for a total of three to four weeks? EnVy has missed two, so what – fifty percent at least of their scrim time with the top teams?

Matt: But the game has changed so much over the last two weeks that I think if you were to miss that scrim time early, I feel like that’s when you would have wanted to have missed it.

Clint: Yeah yeah, but I don’t think they even have the basics down. Just listen to their team comms and they’re all frustrated – Slasher’s complaining – I don’t think they have the basics down.

Matt: Online there’s definitely a lot of communication issues. Trying to teach somebody the game, so to speak, online? It becomes very difficult. It’s not where like, I can point at your screen and then I can tell you “this is where you need to go-”

Clint: Yeah yeah-

Matt: On LAN it’ll be fine for them. As long as they make it out of groups, right? I mean that’s the beauty of groups, they can kind of test things out and see how it goes.

Clint: Yeah? I don’t know. If I was… I - I don’t expect them to win this event. Could they finish… top 4 or something? Sure, but I don’t have high hopes.

Matt: Win? No… I think they can place top 4 though, yes.

CWL: Let’s talk about EnVy’s strengths. What can they do that no other team can?

Matt: We’ll EnVy’s biggest strength is that they’ve stuck together as one of the longest standing rosters in North America. Just the teamwork and the chemistry they have from that I think gives them a little bit of an edge with all these new teams coming in and changing up their rosters – it’s really just EnVy, FaZe, and OpTic that are the ones that have stood pat.

Clint: Yeah, and Team Kaliber I guess. But the biggest strength for them I would say, if we looked at everything we just talked about with their lack of practice and whatnot, the biggest thing kind of going for them? It’s how good they were at Black Ops 3 at the end. They were so, so good – and this game does have a lot of similarities. It’s a different game, but from a movement standpoint… Hardpoint, depending on how the spawns ended up working out could end up playing kind of fast paced, to their strengths. I guess that’s the one thing. There’s a lot of carry-over [from Black Ops 3], which is a positive for them.

CWL: And EnVy’s weaknesses?

Clint: Well the weakness here in this game right now… I think if you look at SMG players - aggressive subs at the end of Black Ops 3 – I think John and Apathy stood out as maybe the two best, right up there with Scump. That was the best part of their game for me, was their SMG play. There really isn’t an SMG role right now. It’s pretty much four AR’s.

Matt: There’s none.

Clint: Yes, some of the AR’s operate more like SMG’s, but I think you start to take away from some of EnVy’s strengths because of the fact that you don’t really have that SMG role, per se.

Matt: Yeah, I definitely think that hurts them as well. You know, in Black Ops 3 – like Maven said: John and Apathy did such a good job just putting pressure on the opposing teams and now… they can still put that pressure on, it’s just a little bit different. Like now the assault rifles on the opposing team are going to be able to pick them off at range, and you’re not going to be able to close the gap as easy. So I think that hurts them – but is this a team that can get over it and adapt? I think so.

CWL: What’s EnVyUs’ X Factor? You mentioned Apathy a little earlier – is he your player to watch?

Jack: Hundred percent.

Clint: How could he not be?

Jack: Yeah I think he’s it. Apathy’s gonna be a big one. I think the group and open bracket play a major factor as well – you could have an Orbit take that last spot, which would definitely shake things up.

CWL: Let’s talk about EnVy’s Group.

Jack: FaZe Clan? Gosu Crew? I mean, All I’ve heard is about how much Gosu Crew have played.

Clint: I could see EnVyUs losing to Gosu Crew and I’m not kidding.

Jack: (Explodes in laughter)

Matt: …I can’t –

Jack: (inhales deeply) Woo!!

Matt: …I can’t see that. I think you’re –

Jack: That’s the quote of the article right there!

Matt: I think you’re crazy. I think you’re crazy. I think they lose to FaZe, I can’t see that EnVy doesn’t make it out of groups. With the number two seed.

Clint: (Incredulously) Alright!

Jack: I’ll – I’ll agree with Matt on this one.

Matt: That’s because you’re smart.

Clint: I can see it! I won’t say it WILL happen but I wouldn’t be shocked. I would not be shocked.

CWL: Prediction time – how far does EnVyUs make it?

Jack: I’m gonna say, just because I believe in the lord JKap – that EnVy will get out of groups. I think as the weekend goes on they’ll get stronger as a team. I’ll have EnVy placing top six.

Matt: Yep – I have EnVy getting second in groups, and I expect them to get top six, and I think they may be extremely happy with that placing.

Clint: I’m gonna be the crazy one – EnVy doesn’t make it out of groups.

Matt: What do they finish?

Clint: Even if they don’t make it out of groups, I still think they can make it down to top 8. So I don’t think it affects it that much, but I  just don’t see them getting out of groups.

Matt: So your entire crazy prediction for groups basically gets you nowhere as you have them placing in basically the same area as Jack and I.

Clint: Yeah!