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Call of Duty Pro League
The CWL Pro League is made up of the top 16 Call of Duty® esports teams in the world. Teams qualify for the LAN (local area network or offline) CWL Pro League by placing top 4 at CWL Vegas and top 12 at the CWL Pro League LAN Qualifier.
CWL Pro Points
CWL Pro Points are awarded to players according to the results in CWL competitions. Pro Points are used to determine how players & teams are seeded in online and LAN events. All CWL open events will be seeded based on accumulated CWL Pro Points.

For more information on Pro Points, check the official CWL 2019 Handbook when it goes live.
How to Compete
Online competition for the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 season will begin soon. You can start your journey by signing up for CWL Ladders and CWL Online Weekly Tournaments on MLG GameBattles. Additionally, buy a Team Pass for an Open LAN event and play in the Open Bracket in person for a chance at serious cash and CWL Pro Points. Each MLG GameBattles ladder match, MLG GameBattles Weekly tournament, and Open LAN event you play in will offer a chance at winning CWL Pro Points.

The Call of Duty® World League, offers competitions for players in North America, European, & Asia-Pacific regions.
National Qualifiers
In 2018, the CWL introduced National Circuits in order to help the best non-Pro League competitors around the world attend major LAN events.

This year, we’re revamping the National Circuit into the CWL National Qualifiers.

In each CWL National Qualifier, 16 teams will compete in an online tournament to win travel and accommodation to compete at a future CWL LAN event.

CWL National Qualifiers will take place in the original National Circuit locations: Australia and New Zealand, Canada, France and Belgium, Italy, Germany and Netherlands, Spain and Portugal, United Kingdom and Ireland, United States. Each Qualifier will be country and region-locked, requiring players being from respective countries and regions to compete.
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