Warzone™ 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Verdansk Operations

Know before you go – the Verdansk Office of Travel & Tourism invites you to Warzone. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a wild ride.

by Verdansk Office of Travel & Tourism on July 08, 2020

About to drop in to Warzone? Explore the open-world battleground of Verdansk, discover key locations across the sprawling city, and prepare your Operator for the impending fight.  

Read up to get complete intel before your next match.

Pre-Match Preparations: Travel Essentials

Get a Pre-Packed Kit:

Ready up before your battle with the Warzone Starter Pack. It includes 500CP, Krueger Alchemist Skin, the Amalagam blueprint, and more. 

Unlock Up to 100 Tiers of Gear with the Battle Pass:

Travel all-inclusive when you pick up the Battle Pass, like Operators and weapon blueprints. Here’s what’s available:

·      Tour Guide - Instant Operator

·      Trip Prep – Weapon Blueprints

·      Double Miles Rewards – 2XP and 2xWXP Tokens

·      Unlock up to 1300 Call of Duty points

Strategies for the Hotspots to Hit

Verdansk is a bustling capital city with unique history and landmarks. Consider taking a vehicle to drive through Verdansk in style. 

A Guide to Buy Stations and More

Read Verdansk’s official magazine -- Iron Sights. Learn the ins and outs of Buy Stations, Contracts, vehicles, and more. 

Get Rewarded

Some frequent flyer programs offer ‘Double Miles.’ We do one better: Double XP and Double Weapon XP Tokens! Download the Call of Duty Companion app to be auto-enrolled, gain your Warzone wings, and start earning weekly rewards when you log in.


Bring a friend (or two, or three), create your itinerary, and get ready for the ultimate adventure. Free flights are departing daily.   

The Verdansk Office of Travel & Tourism is not responsible for the safety of visitors. Travel at your own risk. 

* Verdansk isn’t a real place. It exists only in Modern Warfare and Warzone so jump in to experience Verdansk the only way you can, in-game.   

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