Operation Know Your History – Live in Warzone™

Permission has been given to debrief a top-secret operation, originally classified for nearly four decades, so that all Operators are informed on when and how to complete it.

by Call of Duty Staff on August 26, 2020



This week in Verdansk, we need you to be a part of history, lest we be doomed to repeat it.

Know Your History: This is a limited-time operation available for your squad to engage within Warzone.

Additional times have been granted. Report for duty at the following dates and times:

Should any Operator falter, we will redeploy them to Verdansk immediately to finish the operation. Nothing, including interference from a greater threat, should stop you from trying to making contact with our asset in the field and securing the blueprint.

Once this operation is live, the public will be informed of it through civilian channels. However, for those that wish to experience this four-part operation; read on for your mission briefing.


Prior to infiltration, your squad will be given vital pieces of intelligence: map codes. These codes, while incomplete, are necessary for finding the “key” that unlocks information on our asset’s whereabouts.

Regardless of alliances formed prior to infiltration, treat any force besides your squad within Verdansk as hostile.

It is believed that all other Operators in Verdansk will also carry code fragments. Extract them by any means necessary.

A squad that collects five map codes will be given enough information towards the key’s location and can progress to the next step in the operation.


It is believed that the locked bunkers around Verdansk hold the encryption device used to access the asset’s rendezvous code.

Your provided Heads-Up Display (codename: HUD) will provide a waypoint of the key’s location, as well as attempt to overcome any serious electronic countermeasures.

Travel via foot or vehicle to the waypoint ASAP, collect the keycard, then proceed with further instruction.


At this point in the operation, we must assume that electronic countermeasures will be employed against you.

With key in hand, your HUD will attempt to mark a radius around a locked crate where the rendezvous information is located.

Locate the container, open it, and procure the map cipher to complete the Contract.


The rendezvous point intel may be codified to prevent accidental retrieval.

Use your provided Tac Map to determine what quadrant our asset is located in.

Note that the locked box and point of contact may be at great distance from one another. Vehicle use is encouraged without worry of stealth, as cover from the greater threat will be all but blown.

Search for the asset within the quadrant, confirm location, and make contact with the asset to complete the Contract. 

After contact, you’ll be rewarded the Bay of Pigs blueprint and other commendations that can be equipped in Identity for your efforts. The blueprint name may be familiar to veterans…

In terms of extraction - we do not know how you will escape Verdansk alongside the asset. Intel suggests the Stadium will aid in your escape. However, we cannot guarantee your survival.

Thank you for volunteering for this operation. 

Good luck, and weapons free.


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