This Week in Call of Duty® - May 4

All the intel on the happenings in Call of Duty

This Week in Call of Duty® - May 4

All the intel on the happenings in Call of Duty

The Lead: Modern Warfare®

This week ready up for new content in Modern Warfare. Demolition, a tactical and explosive mode, comes online as its own featured playlist. Then, battle through chaos in the Shipment 24/7 playlist, Plunder Blood Money returns to Warzone, and more. Plus, check the Store this week for the ‘Guns Blazing’ bundle for the Mace Operator, an expressive new weapon blueprint and vehicle skin bundle, and more.  

Demolition represents tactical chaos at its finest, as players attempt to outsmart and overpower the other team. Do you all rush in together, or split up and cover the map? Should you run in and plant the bomb, or watch for enemies and provide cover? Get more insight including map specific tactics on Demolition this week on the Games Blog. 

The ex-U.S. Ranger and Allegiance fighter is back in Store in a new bundle – ‘Mace: Guns Blazing’. Alongside a menacing new skin for Mace, the bundle includes two Legendary weapon blueprints that can overtake enemies in both Multiplayer and Warzone. Check the Store and pick up the bundle to add this vicious Jackals Operator to your roster, if you don’t already own him, and a haul of new gear. 

Want to ride and fight in style? Get the ‘Anime Express’ bundle for weapon blueprints and vehicle skins that will add some color to all of your skirmishes. The bundle contains two Legendary weapon blueprints for close-range devastation and a skin for the Cargo Truck to express your style. 

Trios Plunder Blood Money returns to Verdansk, rewarding you with more Cash for taking down enemies. Or drop into Battle Royale in an all-out fight for survive in Solos, Trios, and Quads. Looking for more ways to gain XP, gear, or blueprints for your loadout? Complete missions, daily challenges, and weekly challenges to gain a boost to ranking up and other gear while battling it out in Verdansk. 

Get more action in the other updated Modern Warfare playlists. Practice your skills with a unique set of blueprints in Gun Game Reloaded. In this all-blueprint battle, get a kill with each weapon to progress through the set. Just don’t get melee’d or finished because you’ll suffer the humiliation of being demoted a weapon. Then, this ‘Ship’ just got a little more chaotic. Join the fun in the 24/7 Shipment playlist to play a mix of modes on this small map where the action never stops. 


A weekly round-up of streams giving you action #LiveFromWarzone. Watch the combat in Verdansk that starts Tuesday of this week with the Bud Light Seltzer Charity stream. Tune in to the first charity stream on Tuesday, then the next on Thursday of this week. Both are available to watch on Twitch. 

Then on Thursday, the Warstream returns. The Call of Duty League™ pros of the Minnesota RØKKR and Dallas Empire took Verdansk by storm during the Warstream last week joined by a few celebrity faces in a match to see who could rack up the most eliminations during their streams. The RØKKR pros - Alexx and TTiny – alongside a few celebs put forth a good effort, but ultimately couldn’t compete with the Dallas Empire pros – iLLeY and Shotzzy – who won the match up with the help of CDL Caster Nameless and special guests. 

This week the Seattle Surge and the LA Guerrillas will duke it out in Warzone to see who can get the most eliminations. Both teams will be joined by more special guests and fight to get the most eliminations to come out on top and potentially beat the Dallas Empire’s reigning high score of 129 eliminations. 

Check the schedule to watch some of your favorite streams and pros this week #LiveFromWarzone.

Call of Duty®: Mobile 

Once Upon A Time in Rust is live now! This week experience the Rust the Dust event featuring a moshpit of modes on Rust and Capture the Gold. Later this week, start collecting Gold to earn weapons through the Gold Rush event. 

The classic playground game Capture the Flag has gone mobile in Capture the Gold. Similar to Capture the Flag, Collect and safely deliver pots of gold to your team’s base to score points. Chose the role of attacker, defender, or carrier and work with your team to get the gold. Capture the Gold and other objective and deathmatch modes are available in the Rust the Dust event. Rustle up on your tactics and strategies for conquering Rust, then take the fight to the competition to come out on top. 

Progress through the tiers just by playing the game, and you’ll get rewards along the way. While you’re playing earn a new Operator Skill – the Annihilator, free in the Battle Pass. Earn gear all Season long by progressing through the Battle Pass and get even more, including Seraph-Desperada, Ghost – Cowboy, and more when you purchase the Premium Pass. 

Starting on May 7, earn rewards in the Gold Rush event. The event comes alongside Kill Confirmed and challenges players to collect Gold Bars in Multiplayer (Kill Confirmed mode) and Battle Royale. In Kill Confirmed, pick up dog tags of fallen enemy players to collect Bars and in Battle Royale, find treasure maps and go mining for some gold. Collect and earn during this event and get more details this week on the Games Blog. 

Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4

Grab your weapons and earn some Scorestreaks in Arms Race! Earn Double XP this week in the Arms Race TDM Featured Playlist, where your score per kill is increased from 100 to 150 for even faster access to Scorestreaks. 

Double XP in Multiplayer/Zombies and Double Nebulium Plasma in Zombies also continues this week in Black Ops 4 through May 14! Here’s a preview of this week’s playlists starting on May 5: 

·      Multiplayer – 2XP Arms Race TDM, Nuketown, Barebones Moshpit, Bolt-Action Barebones Moshpit, Mercenary Deathmatch Moshpit

·      Blackout – Hot and Heavy (Hot Pursuit and Heavy Metal Heroes), Alcatraz Portals Quads, Quads, Duos, Solos

·      Zombies – Alpha Omega 

Call of Duty League™

The Dallas Empire capped off their Home Series win with another victory in Warzone—as a part of last week’s #LiveFromWarzone event. The Empire totaled 129 eliminations, topping the Minnesota Røkkr’s 88.  On the latest episode of “Contesting the Point,” the crew debated if the the Empire are the best team in the league.

While Dallas is enjoying their victories, other teams are gearing up for the Florida Mutineers Home Series. Watch the matches live on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to see which team will come out on top and maybe make a move in the league standings.

Here’s the schedule for this week’s event, and you can tune in here to watch. 

Here’s more from the Call of Duty League website: In the first episode of The Barracks, Florida’s Maux talks about winning , online play, and more; go “Behind the Controller” with Octane of the Seattle Surge; and get a look at some fresh kicks by going Sneaker Shopping with Skrapz.

Get more intel on the Games Blog this week including insight into Battle Pass system weapon blueprints and tactics for success with them in Warzone, an in-depth look at the SKS marksman rifle, and more. 


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