Frequently Asked Questions

Redeem your code
What Do I Get as a Founder?
Founder’s benefits include:
  • A Unique Founder Weapon Camo & Profile Skin for MW3
  • Exclusive Found in-game Player Card & Emblem in MW3
  • Access to the Private “#Founder” Group in Call of Duty ELITE
  • A Special Founder Clan XP Boost
  • Exclusive Founder Operations & Events
Do I Need a Code to be a Founder?
All players who activate a Call of Duty ELITE premium membership by December 13, 2011 will automatically become Founders. Additionally users who purchased the Call of Duty ® MW3 Hardened Edition can use this code after December 13th.
Where Can I Find the Code?
The code can be found on the Founder Card that came with your MW3 Hardened Edition
My Code is Valid, but Doesn’t Work
Each code is one time use. If you believe you are getting an incorrect error please contact Activision Customer Service
Can I Use the Code More than Once?
No, each code is one time use
Does Founder Status have a Recurring Fee?
No, Founder status does not. You will need to have a Call of Duty® ELITE Premium account in order to get access to some Founder benefits.
How Long Does Founder Status Last?
For as long as you have a Call of Duty® ELITE account